Motorola Edge S Confirmed to Launch New Snapdragon 8 Series Soc, 888 Plus?

Motorola Edge S with New Snapdragon 8 Series

Motorola Edge S with New Snapdragon 8 Series

Earlier, Lenovo China cell phone business department general manager had posted that Motorola will launch a new series, a new flagship phone, and gave a preview is “Snapdragon 8XX” stable, before various media have he refers to the Snapdragon 888, but today there is confirmed news that Motorola’s this new flagship is not Snapdragon 888, but another new Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 series flagship chip.

“The first one is the first one to be launched. The fact that you can take the first launch of Qualcomm flagship chips many times shows that Motorola’s position in the global cell phone market is still not low. The company’s flagship series edge returned to the Mainland, I’m afraid there will be more heavyweight products launched in the future” said Digital Chat Station.

Furthermore, Motorola also released a Motorola Edge S poster showing notable changes in design, maybe this could poster only. It seems that Motorola has put a lot of effort into making the phone this time, not only taking the top flagship Motorola edge series from overseas markets back to the domestic market but also taking a new processor from Qualcomm 8 series, which alone is almost as hot.

Motorola Edge S with New Snapdragon 8 Series

But in terms of positioning, Lenovo’s new Qualcomm 8-series processor is still unknown, than the Snapdragon 888. The specific process and performance of the network is not yet the exact news, we should continue to pay attention to the follow-up.

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