Mi 11 Special disassembly Video: Turns Into A Mechanical Dragon

Mi 11 Special disassembly Video

Today, Xiaomi official Weibo released a Mi 11 special disassembly video, by disassembling two Mi 11 engineering machine and assembled in a mechanical dragon. “This is a special disassembly video. By disassembling two Mi 11 engineering machines, about 500 parts were reassembled, which took 30 days, and finally assembled into a mechanical dragon!” Said Xiaomi.

Mi 11 Special disassembly Video

If the Xiaomi 11 is disassembled and assembled into a dragon, the picture must be very shocking. Xiaomi has done it, by disassembling two Xiaomi 11 engineering machine, reorganization about 500 parts, taking 30 days, and finally assembled into a mechanical dragon

All the parts on it, all from the Mi 11 and four Mi 11 vegetarian leather version of the back cover. Mi 11 world premiere is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor with X1 super core, which is a very powerful performance. There is also full-blooded LPDDR5 memory, WiFi 6 enhanced, Harman Kardon stereo dual speakers, and other high-end flagship configuration, all assembled on the motherboard, which we disassembled and reassembled into a mechanical dragon spine.

Mi 11 has a 108MP camera with significantly improved image quality and photo speed, which is Xiaomi’s most creative imaging system to date. Xiaomi put it in the position of the mechanical dragon’s chest, implying that everything in heaven and earth can be included in this mirror.

Mi 11 image comprehensive upgrade, also can not be separated from the two strong lenses: 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 5MP telephoto macro lens, Xiaomi turned them into the eyes of the mechanical dragon, easily have the ability to see the microscopic knowledge.

Mi 11 light to 196 grams, thin to 8.06 mm. Back cover material is also completely new, selected vegetal leather material, specifically for the phone touch every detail to optimize, with this pair of light wings, I believe it will fly faster and higher.

Mi 11 is equipped with a 4600mAh battery that supports 55-watt wired flash charging, 50-watt wireless flash charging, and 10-watt wireless reverse charging. Xiaomi placed the 55-watt Xiaomi vertical air-cooled wireless charger on the Dragon Chair so that the Mi 11 can be placed in your hand and instantly open the flash charging energy.


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