Redmi K40 Display Is Most Expensive: Probably Samsung E4

Redmi K40 Display

Redmi K40 Display

Redmi K40 Display

Redmi released a fierce news yesterday, in the case of the launch before the first directly gave the new machine’s price, which caught many friends off guard, and 2999 yuan(₹34,000) starting price + Snapdragon 888 + 120Hz AMOLED straight screen, this combination alone is already very expected.

Today, Redmi’s general manager Lu Weibing once again posted a long article on his microblog, talking about Redmi K40 display and ultimate price/performance ratio and flagship product concept. Lu Weibing said:

Probably the most expensive straight screen Redmi K40 screen stable: Xiaomi 11 the same above hints should verify that the Redmi K40 uses the same light-emitting material as Xiaomi 11, namely Samsung E4, and the screen brightness is once again improved, while power consumption is lower compared to E3.

According to the official introduction of Xiaomi, Samsung E4 light-emitting material can make the screen brightness increased again, reaching an unprecedented 1500nits, the global maximum brightness is also up to 900nits, the contrast ratio can also be improved, and lower power consumption compared to the previous generation E3 material.

The Redmi K40 series will be released next month, the specific time, Redmi executives Wang Teng also said will be after the Spring Festival, as probably the most cost-effective Snapdragon 888 flagship, and so on?


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