Black Shark 4 AnTuTu Benchmark Test Results Top the List: Temperature is Stable

Black Shark 4 Official Announcement

Black Shark 4 AnTuTu Benchmark

Following the official announcement of battery and charging, Black Shark 4 AnTuTu Benchmark test results also shared by Black Shark technology CEO Luo Zhou, become the highest runtime score of the Snapdragon 888 flagship phone so far. “For the new function to have more powerful performance, the engineers of Black Shark were forced by me to be a bit miserable recently. Today I ran a point in the laboratory and it was less than 800,000. I have to work hard” said Lau Zhou.

In the screenshot, Black Shark 4 AnTuTu Benchmark (Model: Shark KSR-A0) performance score archives 788505 point, which is currently the highest AnTuTu score. During the test, Black Shark 4 temperature raised 7°C only from 34.7°C to 41.7°C, which shows the powerful cooling system of the device. Compared to Oppo Find X3, the running point is 771491, and temperature changed from 28.7°C to 43.8°C, a 15.1°C increase.

Black Shark 4 AnTuTu Benchmark

Well all of them are currently prototype machines, the final score may very, Black Shark CEO also emphasizing that they have to work hard to cross 8,00,000 point. According to the official disclosure, the battery capacity of the Black Shark 4 is 4500mAh, supports 120W super flash charging, less than 15 minutes for a full charge, which is the fastest charging speed Snapdragon 888 phone in the industry.

The Black Shark pioneered dual-zone screen pressure sensing with adjustable dual-zone control range, multi-grade adjustable pressure value, dual-zone independent mapping, and other functions, supporting any game, mapping any function key, easily allowing players to realize two fingers into four fingers.

At present, the black shark game phone has been continuously upgraded to screen pressure sensing 4.0, pressure sensing area is increasing, new button AI recognition, automatic mapping, and one key setting is completed. In the upcoming Black Shark 4, Black Shark will bring screen pressure sensing 5.0 to give players a more extreme gaming control experience.


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