iQOO 7 Official Introduction in-depth: is Xiaomi 11 Alternative Option?

iQOO 7 Official Introduction

On the evening of January 11, 2021, iQOO officially released the iQOO 7 phone, which is the first Snapdragon 888 flagship this year, also brings a 120W super-fast charging, 15 minutes to full, focusing on full-sensory control. Let’s start with iQOO 7 Official Introduction.

iQOO 7 Official Introduction Video


iQOO series of cell phones itself is partial to the gaming phone, but in iQOO 7, the appearance and design is not so obvious gaming phone style. iQOO 7 features a centered perforated screen design on the front, a rectangular module with three cameras on the back, and three color schemes: Black Mirror, Latent Blue, and Legendary Edition. Dimensions are 162.2×75.8×8.7mm and weigh 209.5 grams.


iQOO 7 Colors Official Trailer

Among them, the black mirror version uses a hard middle frame + the same color heterogeneous design, the back shell consists of 2 layers of Gorilla 5 glass and the middle texture layer, the outermost is AG glass, delicate touch, not easy to stay fingerprints.

iQOO 7 Mirror Black

The latent blue version of the back cover is also composed of 2 layers of glass and the middle texture layer, looks like silver-blue but closer to silver white, with the change of perspective and light, this blue color is also different.

iQOO 7 Latent Blue

As for the Legendary Edition, iQOO 7 Legendary Edition also continues the design style of the previous generation iQOO 5 Pro Legendary Edition, with BMW M Motorsport cooperation brings a rich track aesthetic design, the middle frame is also upgraded to marine-grade aluminum alloy, a large area of pure white + tricolor stripes have the speed and passion of cars.

iQOO 7 Legendary Edition (White, BMW Motorsport)


The iQOO 7 features a 6.62-inch 2400×1080 resolution AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, 8GB/12GB LPDDR5-6400MHz built-in memory, and 128/256GB enhanced UFS 3.1 flash memory. The screen has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and supports multiple adjustable levels, such as a 30Hz resting clock, 60Hz static reading mode, and 90Hz gaming mode, with a peak brightness of 800nit, the local maximum brightness of 1300nit, and support SGS low blue light eye protection, etc.

To give users a clearer visual experience, iQOO 7 uses a 120Hz full-sensitive screen, 300Hz touch sampling rate, in the game process, but also up to 1000Hz instant touch sampling rate, which is the industry’s latest technology play, also mentioned at the launch, this technology touch latency compared to the previous generation of products shortened by 25.8%, not only that, this screen supports up to 1300 Nit with 4096 levels of brightness adjustment, in different scenarios, can bring a comfortable visual experience.


In terms of photography, iQOO 7 front 16-megapixel selfie lens, rear super-sensitive three cameras, the main camera is 48 megapixels, jointly customized with Sony IMX598 sensor, support OIS optical anti-shake. The other two lenses are a 13-megapixel professional portrait lens, a 13-megapixel super-wide-angle macro lens, supporting ultra-clear pixel shift, RAW HDR 2.0, Super Night View 5.0, Black Light Night Vision 2.0, Panorama Night View/HDR, old photo coloring, and another photoplay.

iQOO 7 Camera

Cooling System

Heat dissipation, iQOO 7 this time equipped with a 4K-class power pump liquid cooling system, the average heat plate area of up to 4096mm2, is currently the largest area in the industry, covering all the core heating unit of the phone, better heat dissipation. Compared to ordinary even heat plate phone, iQOO 7 body temperature reduced by 1.5 degrees, CPU temperature reduced by 2 degrees, long time playing games will not degrade the game experience.

OriginOS for iQOO

iQOO 7 brings ‘OriginOS for iQOO’ which provides a variety of exclusive features updates, such as behavioral wallpapers and behavioral icons. Besides, the new version of OriginOS has atomic components and more features. For example, there is a console, energy cube, and other iQOO exclusive features.

OriginOS for iQOO 7

The fully upgraded OriginOS for iQOO returns to the original design. It brings a desktop-like a shuttle in a parallel world, a behavioral wallpaper with life as the driving force, an atomic component that is close to “zero-level operation” a super card pack that understands more individual needs, a lot of convenient functions, the more convenient you use it.

Gaming Experience

For gaming, iQOO 7 screen support left and right areas are pressed, corresponding to two pressure operation, the logic and the traditional pressure-sensitive shoulder keys consistent, the game brings a better operating experience.

Besides, iQOO 7 is also equipped with dual linear motors, horizontal screen when playing games can feel the delicate touch brought by the dual motors; the game has a more realistic and accurate vibration.

Other specifications, iQOO 7 also supports 4D game vibration, dual linear speakers, Tencent Gvoice voice, Hi-Fi HD music, Super Audio sound, 4096 level hardware backlighting, and other features. The audio, dual-speaker loudness up to 71.5dB. iQOO said it worked with Tencent, Qualcomm, and the China Academy of Information and Communication Research to develop the game voice technology standard, the first game voice optimization technology. iQOO 7 is equipped with a CS43131 processing chip, also has two Sony small gold standard support.

iQOO 7 adopts the “vertical and horizontal full-scene antenna” with an additional antenna outlet, and its Wi-Fi 6 has been upgraded to an “Enhanced” version, with the highest theoretical download rate increased to twice that of iQOO 5.

Multi Turbo 5.0 and Memory Fusion Technology

Multi-Turbo 5.0, through multi-dimensional system optimization such as network, process, and energy consumption, makes mobile phones run smoothly, with lower energy consumption, and overall performance improved. With Memory Fusion Technology: A mobile phone with 8GB storage can get an 11GB storage effect, and a mobile phone with 12GB storage can get a 15GB storage effect. UFS deep defragmentation: reduce the stuttering problem caused by storage fragmentation.


Price, iQOO 7 of 8GB + 128GB, 12GB + 256GB version is 3798, 4198 yuan, Xiaomi 11 of the same configuration is 3999, 4699 yuan, respectively, 200, 500 yuan higher, the former difference can be said not much, but the top version of 500 yuan gap is not small.

Comprehensive view, the two phones, although the price is similar, the positioning is different, Xiaomi is an all-round flagship, iQOO 7 focus on highlighting fast charging and game control, in these two points up and down a lot of work, if you like to play games, then naturally on the taste.

Final words

To sum up, iQOO 7 as a new generation of flagship cell phones, from the appearance of the materials and processes selected, in addition to enhancing the texture and practicality, but also the track element performance more in place, cell phone hardware using a new generation of performance iron triangle configuration, the core focus or game performance.

iQOO 7 Camera Official Introduction


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