First Xiaomi 11 Break Directly 90 Degrees Bent

Xiaomi 11 Break

Just one week after the official launch of Xiaomi 11, some netizens have released photos of Xiaomi’s tragic shattering. You can see that the body of this Xiaomi 11 break from the camera off a bit, about the power button position the whole backward bent close to 90 degrees, the back cover of the broken is very obvious, the frame and rear shell cracked, vaguely can also see the internal circuit components.

Xiaomi 11 Break

Onlookers have been speculating what this Xiaomi 11 has gone through, if not accidentally, a bit like being artificially bent. Of course, there are also flirtatious messages, such as “Xiaomi 11 transformed into a foldable screen phone.”

Inside Xiaomi 11, is equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip, 2K 120Hz curved screen, 4600mAh battery, 108 megapixel Samsung HMX, Harman Kardon stereo dual speakers, and much more that cost 3999 yuan (around 45,000 INR), so take care of your phone, and don’t try to bend, it may explode.


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