iQOO 7 Invitation, New Hands-on Shots, Tech that Make it Perfect Gaming Phone

iQOO 7 Perfect Gaming Phone

iQOO 7 Invitation

iQOO7, Vivo X60 Pro+, Realme Race, OPPO Find X3 series, Black Shark 4, Red Magic 6, Redmi K40 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Pro/Pro+ and Meizu 18 are upcoming flagship phones that will host Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC. Among them iQOO 7 is close to launching to be followed by Vivo X60 Pro+.

With the iQOO 7 launch approaches, recently iQOO unveiled an official iQOO 7 invitation. The invitation contains seven badges, with very deep-meaning. In the middle of the invitation is an iQOO phone LOGO badge. Both sides from the inside to the outside are two “duck” pattern badge, two “sheep” pattern badge, and two “horse” pattern badges. Combined with the previous iQOO phone official publicity posters, the two “duck” badges represent the left and right dual pressure-sensitive touch control. The two “sheep” badges represent dual speakers. The two outermost “horse” badges represent the dual-linear motor.

iQOO 7 full-sensory control system

What is the full-sensory control system? “Every slide and operation in the game is a complete feedback loop of sight, sound, touch, and control. At the early stage of making the product, we were exploring how to make these fully integrated with our human senses. Under the screen dual control pressure, dual linear motor, stereo dual-speakers, with our eyes, ears, hands of the full sensory ultimate cooperation, commonly known as “full sense of the three pairs.” The so-called full-sensory control is to make the is control more sensitive, more accurate feedback, more immersive senses” said iQOO, Product Manager.

iQOO 7 Hands-on photos

In the meantime, another set of iQOO 7 hands-on photos were also exposed to Weibo. The first photo is of the AnTuTu Benchmark performance test showing 733519 total points which are divided into CPU: 202487, GPU: 314968, MEM: 114854, and UX: 102210. During the test, the iQOO 7 temperature raised 11.6°c from 22.4° to 34°c. The measured performance and power consumption are the same as the previous Snapdragon 888 model Xiaomi 11.

The second iQOO 7 hands-on photo shows running OriginOS 1.0 designed for iQOO and based on the Android 11 operating system. It also reveals that the device is equipped with 2.8Ghz Snapdragon 888 professor, 256GB of internal storage, and 12GB of RAM, with memory fusion technology, equal to 15GB RAM.

The third shot is the backside of the device showing iQOO 7’s structured black color and triple camera layout. About iQOO 7’s exterior design, in the continuation of the premise of “speed aesthetics”, the designer introduced the first time the “same color heterogeneous” design approach, very new and unique.

iQOO 7 will also be equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 mass storage, the entire system comes standard with 120W super flash charging, the fastest 15 minutes to boost the power to 100%. These all-black technologies make the iQOO 7 a perfect gaming phone. The phone will be released at 19:30 on January 11, so stay tuned.

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