TCL Inkjet Printing OLED Panel Technology: The display can be “Printed” Like a Newspaper

TCL Inkjet Printing OLED Panel Technology

TCL Inkjet Printing OLED Panel Technology

Founder and Chairman of TCL, Li Dongsheng previews inkjet printing OLED screen technology and released a video on Weibo showing the inkjet printing OLED panel technology developed by TCL’s Huaxing Optoelectronics. This technology can reduce production difficulties and costs, and can also be applied to the manufacture of OLED flexible screens.

TCL Inkjet Printing OLED Panel Technology

The introductory video says that traditional OLED screens use vapor deposition technology, in which the light-emitting material is heated in a vacuum to evaporate and form a light-emitting layer on the surface of the substrate, which is not easy and complicated to produce and costly.

The video says that TCL is developing inkjet printing OLED technology, which reduces the difficulty and cost of OLED screen production, improves efficiency and yield, and helps reduce the cost of high-end cell phones and TVs. At the same time, this technology can also be applied to the manufacture of flexible screens.

This weekend’s show you the panel, I take a closer look at TCL Huaxing’s inkjet printing display technology through a small video, so we can learn how the screen is “printed” like a newspaper, and with the support of black technology, the screen can be so varied! In next week’s CES2021 consumer electronics show, we will focus on the release of “printed” flexible screen products, “Made in China” is forging ahead!

Li Dongsheng, Founder, and Chairman of TCL

In June 2020, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics announced a 30 billion yen stake in Japanese company JOLED, a pioneer and leader in printed OLED technology and the world’s first company to mass-produce the technology, with a large number of technology patents. TCL will cooperate with JOLED in the design, development, and manufacturing of large-size inkjet OLED devices to achieve large-scale industrial mass production. Li Dongsheng said TCL will launch its flexible screen products with this technology at CES 2021, which will be held from January 11-14.

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