New OFILM Super Macro Module can Simulate A Real Microscope: Oppo Find X3 to Feature

OFILM Super Macro Module, Oppo Find X3 macro lens

OFILM Super Macro Module

Talking about upcoming flagship phones, Oppo Find X3 Series and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro are expected to be most anticipated, in terms of camera, display, and performance. Today well-known Weibo blogger said that the new OFILM super macro module’s super macro performance is really strong. IN the OFILM module, the lens around the addition of a ring flash, simulating a real microscope, the multiplier is much higher than the existing cell phone.

Besides, the blogger also said that Oppo Find X3 macro lens can even shoot the pixel point in the screen, the performance is comparable to a microscope. It needs to be explained that the blogger usually hints at the phone brand by way of suffixing the emoji, and this time the emoji refers to OPPO.

In the previous, Source also stated that “1944 × 1944 3-megapixels resolution + 25x zoom, this new telephoto macro is really strong, the direction is right” this could be related to OFILM super macro module. According to the previous reports, Oppo Find X3 main camera using the new 50MP Sony IMX7xx sensor can get higher pixels and large bottom ultra-wide angle. At the same time, it will also be equipped with a 3MP macro lens with a 25x zoom with a ring aperture.

As the opening work of OPPO brand breakthrough, and the ideal work of the decade, Find X3 is said to be the strongest generation of OPPO ever. Find X3 series will also debut the industry’s first Android full-link color management system. At the same time, with the support of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship ISP, Find X3 will have strong performance and an excellent imaging system.

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