iQOO Teases 4K-class Liquid Cooling System and Multi-Turbo 5.0 for iQOO 7

iQOO 7 4K-class Liquid Cooling and Multi-Turbo 5.0

iQOO 7 4K-class Liquid Cooling and Multi-Turbo 5.0

iQOO 7 summary of information includes: equipped with dual-speakers, dual under-screen pressure-sensitive controls, dual linear motors, 120W super-fast flash charging, and a super 750K runtime score from AnTuTu. Today the official gave another important piece of information; iQOO 7 will be equipped with a large uniform heat plate for a cooler experience.

Today, the iQOO cell phone officially announced the upcoming release of iQOO 7 with 4K-class power-pump liquid-cooling system, equipped with 4096mm² ultra-large uniform heat plate, refreshing the iQOO product record for this data. According to the introduction, iQOO 7’s heat sink covers all the core heat generating units. In high gaming load scenarios, compared to conventional area heat sink products, iQOO 7’s 4K-level power pump liquid cooling makes it possible to maintain high-performance output for a longer period under high load conditions.

In the meantime, iQOO product manager Galant also brought highlights of iQOO 7’s performance. iQOO 7 in addition to the enhanced version of the performance of the Iron Triangle (Snapdragon 888 + LPDDR5 full-blooded 6400Mhz + UFS 3.1), there is a more enhanced Multi-Turbo 5.0, including 8GB into 11GB memory fusion technology, deep defragmentation, the fastest link optimization of the system and many other black technologies.

Among them, memory fusion technology is the latest memory optimization technology launched by Vivo. Vivo innovatively fuses RAM and ROM through algorithm optimization, directly calling part of the idle ROM space for RAM operation, which can effectively improve the smooth switching of multiple applications in the background.

For example, on 8GB memory phones, memory fusion technology allows 8GB memory equivalent to 11GB memory, facilitating more apps to run in the background, and switching back and forth to use more smoothly.

What’s more, iQOO 7 also debuts with a 4K-grade power-pump liquid-cooling system, along with a re-enforced antenna system that seamlessly switches between 4G/5G/Wi-Fi for everyday scenarios and faster and more stable for gaming scenarios.

“Strong performance is not only parameters and scores but also stable output and smooth experience,” Galant emphasized. Specifications wise, iQOO 7 with 120Hz Samsung punch-hole straight screen, three rear cameras supporting OIS optical stabilization, support for 120W flash charging, officially released on January 11.

iQOO 7 4K-class Liquid Cooling and Multi-Turbo 5.0

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