Coming At CES 2021 – LG 48-inch Bendable Display (CSO) Teased in Video

LG 48-inch Bendable CSO Display Teased in Video

LG 48-inch Bendable Display (CSO), can be bent with a key…

Curved TV has never really been popular unless you sit in the center of the screen, otherwise, the viewing experience is not good. However, curved computer monitors are very popular especially with gamers because the viewer is usually sitting directly in the center of the screen and only a few dozen centimeters away.

Today’s monitors, in terms of form, are nothing but straight and curved screens, which have their advantages and disadvantages for content display. Perhaps to allow users to take into account the needs of all types of users, LG has unveiled its first shape-shifting 48-inch OLED Bendable Display that can change according to the user’s need.

LG Display wants to offer computer television users and gamers the best of both worlds with an OLED monitor that can be bent for gaming, spread flat for TV viewing, and can generate sound by vibrating the screen instead of using traditional speakers.

LG 48-inch Bendable Display

At CES 2021, LG Display will showcase a new 48-inch bendable cinematic sound OLED (CSO) screen. The company said in a press release that the “paper-thin” display can be bent to a curvature radius of 1,000mm and still provide “uniform viewing distance from the middle to the edge of the screen. LG Display said that OLED screens like this one have a “response time of 0.1 milliseconds, a refresh rate of 120Hz per second, and a wide variable refresh rate range from 40Hz to 120Hz.

The new screen will also use LG Display’s CSO technology to generate sound. CSO screens, first demonstrated at CES 2017, use an exciter mounted behind the display to vibrate the OLED screen itself, which generates sound waves, with the display essentially becoming a speaker. The exciter in the new 48-inch bendable cinema-quality sound OLED display is only 0.6 mm thick, compared to 9 mm when the CSO has first introduced four years ago.

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“LG Display’s 48-inch bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display is optimized for gaming because it maximizes the use of advanced technology to produce another level in delivering an immersive experience. In other words, it provides the best gaming environment for gamers.” Dr. Chang-ho Oh, Executive Vice President and Head of TV Business Unit of LG Display, said at the launch event. This product will be demonstrated and announce more details of the specifications at the CS 2021 show. For the announcement of joining CES 202, LG Display also released a teaser video featuring Bendable/Transparent/Rollable Display on YouTube.

LG Display CES 2021 Teaser


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