iQOO 7 Brings Monster Beat Dual-speakers, HiFi chip: iQOO Phones Started Receiving OriginOS

iQOO 7 Monster Beat Dual-speakers - Built-in HiFi chip

iQOO 7 Monster Beat Dual-speakers – Built-in HiFi chip

5 days before the iQOO 7 new launch, iQOO official microblogging, as usual, every day to warm up this new machine. Today, iQOO said the new machine will be equipped with Monster Beat stereo dual-speakers, built-in HiFi chip. At the same time, the poster shows that the phone has Hi-Res, Hi-Res Wireless dual certification, Super Audio sound effects.

From the text with the picture can be seen, iQOO 7 series this time will be equipped with Monster Beat stereo dual speakers, can be heard in the sense of all-round sound into the ear; also uses a high dynamic independent Hi-Fi chip, dynamic range DNR: > 120dB, distortion THD + N < 0.0003%; support Super Audio sound, access to the Hi-Res small gold standard certification. It should be noted, however, that this parameter is the chip itself, not the actual onboard measurements.

The U.S. company Monster is a well-known manufacturer of audio equipment, products include portable speakers, headphones, professional audio cables, etc. Previously, the Beats brand belonged to Monster, and now the Beats brand has been acquired by Apple.

The independent Hi-Fi chip, allowing the machine to achieve a balanced high, medium, and low frequency, high dynamic, detailed and clear high-quality audio, can bring a studio-like sense of presence.

As a sub-brand of Vivo, iQOO naturally inherited the advantages of Vivo’s music phones from its inception, so the iQOO 7 series to ensure further upgrades to the touch at the same time, but also the sound quality has been enhanced in all aspects, in terms of audio enjoyment can also bring a better experience. Besides, Dual linear motors with Monster Touch pressure-sensitive touch control, the game comes with a move buff, bringing a flagship game control experience.

iQOO OriginOS Beta Recruitment

Furthermore, several iQOO phones started receiving the first public test of OriginOS including iQOO 5, iQOO 5 Pro, iQOO 3, iQOO Pro, iQOO, iQOO Neo3 models.

iQOO OriginOS Beta Recruitment

OriginOS is officially referred to by Vivo as a next-generation mobile operating system, which has been significantly improved in terms of design, smoothness, and convenient experience, and can be said to be a revolutionary new system in the current cell phone market, bringing an eye-catching design.

Official Explaining OriginOS Features in Detail

OriginOS introduces a new desktop grid system visually, bringing a Huarong grid design that is flexible and free to show the charm of every element of the desktop with great freedom. The unique time window and behavior wallpaper are also well received.

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