Qualcomm QC5 Charger Head Live Photo Unveils Relatively Large Size

Qualcomm QC5 Charger Head

Qualcomm QC5 Charger Head

Qualcomm QC5 Charger Head

In July 2020, Qualcomm announced a new fast-charging technology called Qualcomm Quick Charging 5 (QC5). Qualcomm claims that a new standard will charge a 4500mAh battery from 0 to 50% in 5 minutes, and to 100% in 15 minutes.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 is described as a significant performance improvement over its predecessor platform, with a 70 percent increase in charging efficiency over Quick Charge 4 and 10 times the output power of Quick Charge 1. The solution supports a 2S battery and 20V power output.

Today, the charging head network exposed a Qualcomm QC5 charger Head on Weibo. This charger is white, relatively big, and it was also marked with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 logo and having a single USB-C port output.

Qualcomm QC5 Charger Head

According to the official, Quick Charge 5 charges up to four times faster than its predecessor platform. In addition to supporting extremely fast charging, Quick Charge 5 supports excellent safety features – 12 levels of voltage, current, and temperature protection, such as 25V USB input overvoltage protection and external charging power control above 30V.

It also runs 10 degrees cooler than Quick Charge 4. Quick Charge 5 supports dual/triple charge technology, adaptive input voltage, the fourth generation of the Intelligent Negotiation of Optimal Voltage (INOV4) algorithm, Qualcomm Battery Saver battery health management, and the new Qualcomm Adapter Power Intelligence technology, which together maximize charging efficiency, enhance safety and help extend the battery life of user devices.

Qualcomm has said that Quick Charge 5 is expected to be the first commercial fast charging platform for smartphones to deliver more than 100W of charging power, and in August 2020, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Premium Edition became compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 technology.

At present, the fast charging power of the industry’s flagship mobile phone has exceeded the 100W barrier. This time Huawei’s 135W charger has passed the 3C certification, which has caused various speculations. Huawei’s 135W charger has a complete PDO voltage, which can be used for both mobile phones and notebooks.

At present, it is not known what products are used. If it is used on mobile phones, it means that Huawei will enable dual-string battery charge pump fast. The charging solution is even equipped with multi-level high-voltage wireless fast charging technology; if it is used on a laptop, then the charger has a complete PDO voltage, which can take all other digital products and has good compatibility.


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