Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen Compatible Case, S-Pen Features and Camera Specs Detailed

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen Compatible Case

It is already confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note series reserved feature – S-Pen, finally arriving on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was also confirmed by official and FCC. Unlike the Note series, S21 Ultra does not have dedicated space in the device to hold the S-Pen accessory. In this regard, manufacturers designed the Galaxy S21 Ultra case that was specially designed for S-Pen. S-Pen will be sold separately as an additional accessory and willing customers can purchase a specially designed case to hold it.

This new Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra case was leaked by reputed media “WinFuture“. The stylus looks similar in appearance to Samsung’s previous S-Pen, as well as a case that is a bit wider than the phone itself to provide storage space for the stylus. WinFuture reports that the stylus will be sold separately from the phone for about 40 euros (about ₹3,580). Because of no dedicated slot for storage like Samsung’s Note devices, the case is necessary for the Galaxy S21 Ultra to carry S-Pen; for those who want S-Pen.

According to WinFuture, the S21 Ultra will support many of the same S-Pen features as previous Note devices, such as playing and pausing videos and taking photos remotely. Furthermore, Twitter blogger, Jimmy Is Promo also expected Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S-Pen more features spotted in Samsung OneUI 3.1.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S-Pen Features

Additionally, screenshot also confirms 16GB RAM + 512GB onboard storage version, 5000mAh battery (4855mAh rated). Continue app on other devices allows sharing text, images, and more to other phones that have the same features through WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Galaxy S21 Series Camera Specs

As a top-end model of S21 Series, S21 Ultra camera configaration is also upgraded, which includes 40MP f2.2 front camera, 12MP f2.2 Ultrawide + 108MP f1.8 Primary + 10MP f2.4 Telephoto 1 + 10MP f4.9 Telephoto 2 quad-camera set-up on rear. In contrast, Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus equipped with 10MP f2.2 Front facing, 12MP f2.2 Ultrawide + 12MP f1.8 Primary + 64MP f2.0 Telephoto triple camera on rear.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus Camera Specifications

Source: WinFuture, Jimmy Is Promo, Evan Blass

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