Samsung will Introduce More than 10 Notebook OLED Display covering 13.3-16-inches

Samsung Notebook OLED Display

Samsung display: more than 10 Notebook OLED Display will be launched in 2021

According to the Samsung Display’s official news, Samsung display will be launch more than 10 Notebooks with OLED display in 2021 to enter the notebook market.

Officials said that the launch of the Notebook OLED display not only covers different sizes from 13.3 inches to 16 inches, performance and specifications will also be more diverse. Samsung Display predicts that sales of notebook OLED displays will grow more than five times year-on-year in 2020.

In early 2019, Samsung Display has launched the world’s first UHD (Ultra High Definition) OLED display for notebook computers. At the end of 2020, Samsung debuted a 13.3-inch FHD (Full HD) OLED display. In February 2021, Samsung Display will begin to invest in the same resolution of 15.6-inch OLED display, into the notebook mass consumer market. The launch of the notebook OLED display not only covers different sizes from 13.3 inches to 16 inches, performance and specifications will also be more diverse.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, by the consumer market “non-contact (contactless)” demand rise, high-end market growth and other multiple factors, Samsung display forecast, notebook OLED display sales will increase by more than 5 times compared to 2020.

With Lenovo, Asus, Dell, and HP, the world’s leading IT companies have launched notebooks with OLED screens. 2021, Samsung Display said it will continue to expand its market share of OLED display notebooks in cooperation with more companies.

Seong-Cheol Kim, President of Samsung Display’s Small and Medium Size Display Division, said, “The entire IT market, including notebooks, is booming as the demand for working from home, online courses and gaming is growing rapidly under the impact of the New Crown Pneumonia epidemic. Samsung Display leads the smartphone display market through outstanding design and picture quality that surpasses LCD, and likewise, hopes to demonstrate revolutionary consumer value and expand market share in the notebook market.”

It is reported that the first UHD OLED display launched by Samsung Display in 2019, the standard Samsung Display officially enters the high-end notebook market. And it is worth mentioning that it has DCI-P3 (Digital Cinema Color Standard) 100% color gamut (74% for LCD) and better picture quality (minimum brightness as low as 0.0005nit), and has a response speed more than 10 times faster than LCD. Besides, compared to LCD screens, the Samsung OLED display than LCD structure is simpler, thinner, and thus easier to achieve narrower bezels and diverse designs. Therefore, the Samsung OLED display is also considered more suitable for laptops, cell phones, tablet PCs, and many other IT devices.

Let’s look into the major features of OLED laptops with Samsung display’s official demonstration videos.

Samsung Display OLED laptops: Superior Image Quality


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