iQOO 7 to use a new Vibration System Powered by Dual-linear Motors

iQOO 7 new Vibration System

iQOO 7 new Vibration System

The most interesting thing about this smartphone industry is that different teams can make different styles/tones of products based on their strategies and understanding of users in the same price range. As long as the differentiation of user needs exist, then product differentiation will exist. iQOO flagship will adhere to the performance/fast charging/gaming/design/experience to the extreme, to meet the rational and emotional needs of users, polishing every detail. Now, iQOO is ready for the next launch.

After last year’s Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone was equipped with dual linear motors for the first time, dual linear motors have started to appear in flagships for general consumers last year. Recently, the product manager of iQOO 7 raised an interesting question during the preview, suggesting that this year’s iQOO 7 is likely to use a new vibration system powered by dual linear motors.

For iQOO 7 will soon take the first dual linear motor speculation, the famous digital product news blogger digital chat station is directly express, “the beginning of December last year, the software tuned”. And also described the dual linear motor vibration feedback more tingly.

As we all know, cell phone linear motor vibration feedback does not purely depend on the hardware parameters, but largely depends on the manufacturer’s tuned vibration waveform and frequency and adapt the system operation to achieve the best results.

Previous iQOO 3, has been through a touch vibration feedback inserted in two different waveforms to simulate a mechanical keyboard similar to the paragraph sense. This year, based on dual linear motors, iQOO 7 will have more room to play, what kind of performance, it is very worth looking forward to.

Besides, according to previous news, iQOO 7 will also be equipped with a custom IMX598 rear camera, support optical stabilization. The whole system is equipped with 120W fast charging, 15 minutes to full. And in terms of performance, also reached the current Snapdragon 888 flagship scores a new high.

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