Xiaomi 11 WiFi Extreme Test Left iPhone 12 Pro Max far Behind

Xiaomi 11 and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Xiaomi 11 WiFi Extreme

Xiaomi 11 WiFi Extreme

Xiaomi 11 is already listed for sale. The official data shows that the Xiaomi 11 phone sold 350,000 units in 5 minutes and sales broke 1.5 billion yuan. This morning, the official Xiaomi cell phone released Xiaomi 11 WiFi extreme test video.

Xiaomi 11 WiFi Extreme

The test showed that with the router set in the center of the soccer field and the access bandwidth of 800Mbps, Xiaomi 11 with Xiaomi AX6000 router achieved the test across the entire soccer field. The official tested Xiaomi 11 phone with Xiaomi AX6000 WiFi in the test video, showing its terrific signal coverage ability to cover the entire soccer field.

In the video, the testers placed a Xiaomi AX6000 router in the middle of the soccer field and accessed 800Mbps bandwidth as the test platform. A Xiaomi 11 and iPhone 12 Pro Max were used to connect to the test, respectively, on both sides of the goal, both sides of the field edge of the second-floor stand, both sides of the third floor stands for testing.

In the first round of testing, Xiaomi 11 had the strongest signal at both sides of the goal and was significantly ahead in download speed. For the second round of testing, stand on the second floor stands at the edge of the stadium on both sides. Xiaomi 11 is still leading, the signal strength is almost unchanged, while the speed is only slightly reduced. The signal of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is further reduced, and the signal and rate can only play 800Mbps broadband quarter strength.

In the test, no matter how far away, the level of network speed of both phones can meet the conditions of daily use, which is a testament to the power of Xiaomi AX6000 router performance. In contrast, Xiaomi 11 is simply better in terms of coverage with Qualcomm X60 Modem, while iPhone 12 Pro Max uses Qualcomm X55 Modem.

It is reported that Xiaomi AX6000 supports 4 antennas + 160MHz full-blooded mode, each antenna is equipped with an external signal amplifier, with Wi-Fi 6 under a more stable and wider signal transmission, so that there is such an excellent level of signal coverage.

And besides, Xiaomi AX6000 is even supported Wi-Fi 6 enhanced, and some of the matching devices when connected, can be fully utilized with the 4K-QAM modulation technology, wireless performance, and speed potential

This is the case with the Xiaomi 11 tested in this test, which supports Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced edition and the Xiaomi AX6000 paired with it to achieve a single connection speed of up to 3.5Gbps at 2×2 MIMO + 160MHz + 4K-QAM + dual Wi-Fi connections. The higher initial speed can improve the effective value of wireless network speed after the loss in poor signal conditions. This is why Xiaomi 11 was able to ensure excellent download rate performance throughout the test.


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