Xiaomi 11 Pro Appear in MIUI Code, Check-out How it could Look

Xiaomi 11 Pro Appear in MIUI Code

Every year Xiaomi usually releases its flagship smartphone in February, but this time the company sped up the process by releasing the Xiaomi 11 earlier this week, becoming the first manufacturer to launch a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor-powered phone.

After the release of Xiaomi 11, some users also expressed regret, after all, the configuration level still has room for upgrade, especially the image part, we look forward to the Pro or Ultra models with more powerful hardware and higher prices. If you also harbor the same feelings of hope, then the good news is that you can sit and wait.

Many expected Xiaomi to unveil both the standard and Pro versions of the Xiaomi 11 during the launch, but Xiaomi only launched a standard version. However, there is now evidence confirming that Xiaomi is indeed working on a Xiaomi 11 Pro with a curved display similar to that of the standard Xiaomi 11.

The one of Xda Developer, Kacskrz extracted several pieces of code from the MIUI photo album app, which is marked “Xiaomi 11 Pro”, this time, it appears together with Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi 11, etc., the probability is not a meaningless placeholder.

Xiaomi 11 Pro Appear in MIUI Code

Not only that, but he also found “isCurvedScreen” and “CurvedScreenUtil” wording of the key value, proving that Xiaomi 11 Pro is still a curved screen, and support MEMC frame rate compensation, AI super score, SDR to HDR upscaling, etc.

Unfortunately, more valuable information has yet to be unearthed. Previously reported that Xiaomi 11 Pro’s camera module is larger than the standard version and may ad periscope lens. According to the rendering produced by the blogger, the back design of Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is slightly different from that of Xiaomi Mi 11. It also uses a rectangular camera module, but it is upgraded to a four-camera solution, and a periscope telephoto lens is added, which supports up to 120x zoom shooting.

Xiaomi 11 Pro Rendering (Refrence Only)

There are rumors that Xiaomi 11 Pro uses the same screen as Xiaomi 11, that is, quad-curved, single scoop on the left, 2K resolution, 120Hz refresh + 480Hz sampling rate, etc., and will be released in late February at the earliest.

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