Xiaomi 11 Pro Exists, Pro+ with Features UD Camera Launching in February

Xiaomi 11 Pro Display, Pro+ with UD Camera

Xiaomi 11 Pro Display, Pro+ with UD Camera

Not surprisingly, Xiaomi 11 Pro exists and is expected to be released next year, at the earliest in February. Although it’s not clear what the detailed configuration of Xiaomi 11 Pro is, from the naming, since it is the Pro version, all aspects of the configuration must be better than Xiaomi 11.

From the blogger digital chat station, the burst of news that the screen parameters of Xiaomi 11 Pro display and form is the same as Xiaomi 11, that is, 6.81 inches 2K + 120Hz, the upper left corner of the perforated screen.

It is said that the pile material is fierce, the rectangular layout is also larger, is expected to use the periscope zoom, support multi-fold optical zoom. The core configuration should still carry next year’s flagship standard Snapdragon 888, while supporting high-powered fast charging 100W+?, so the price is bound to rise, referring to Xiaomi 11’s 3999 yuan, the Pro version is expected to start at 4500 yuan?

As for the under-screen camera that rice fans are looking forward to, it is speculated that it will be used in the oversized cup of Xiaomi 11 Pro+/Xiaomi 11 Ultra or K40 Ultra. The blogger also broke the news that the Xiaomi series or Redmi series will also have an under-screen camera phone based on the new platform.

It is understood that in June 2019, Xiaomi released the first generation of under-screen camera technology, using transparent cathode material, and in October of the same year, the second generation of under-screen camera technology was unveiled, using a part of the then industry mainstream pixel display and another part of the light-transmitting solution. In August this year, Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology was officially released, retaining the full pixel display.

The light-transmitting presentation effect was achieved by making the pixel gap a transparent material and redesign the pixel drive circuit. In this regard, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that this is a breakthrough in under-screen technology, reaching mass-producible levels! Don’t worry everyone, mass production is expected next year.


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