Realme Koi Appeared in Live Photos, Rendering Reveals Beautiful Tattoo on Back

Realme Koi Live Photos

Realme Koi Live Photos

This Monday, Xiaomi 11 officially unveiled, the first to carry Snapdragon 888, other manufacturers of Snapdragon 888 models have also been arranged, for example, Vivo side announced last night will be released in late January X60 Pro+, is equipped with Snapdragon 888.

Realme last week officially announced its new phone called Koi, codenamed Race, which is one of the first flagship phones in the industry to be equipped with Snapdragon 888. According to realme vice president Xu Qi, the realme Koi phone will be released in January 2021 and is said to have a great value. This morning, Realme Mobile official Weibo announced that Realme Koi and national treasures joint design, combining technology and national tide.

A suspected realme Koi phone has recently been circulated online, showing the back design of the phone. As shown in the picture below, the rectangular camera layout is used, containing three cameras, 64 megapixels main camera, printed with the text: Dare to Leap.

The official teaser poster released by the company with the theme of Koi also mentions Dare to Leap, so this picture circulating is quite real. Previously the leak showed that there will also be a vegan version with a sporty paint job, while the above one should be a glass version, which is expected to support realme 125W UltraDART fast charging for further charging speed. Besides, the source also mentioned a model called realme V15, which is said to be equipped with Dimensity 800U, support 50W wired charging, and weigh only 176g.

Realme Koi Rendering (Suspected)

Furthermore, another Weibo blogger exposed rendering of Realme Koi with rear quad-camera, koi patten, and dare to leap text logo. Except for the back print, the device is almost identical to Oppo Reno 5, blogger may just photoshop Reno5, so view this rendering as reference only.

Since ancient times, there has been a myth and legend that koi jumped over the dragon gate and became dragons and ascended to heaven. Later, the term carp leap dragon gate is commonly used as a metaphor for forging ahead, daring to think, daring to do, daring to build a dream, which also fits well with the realme brand “Dare To Leap” positioning.

Besides, realme brand back to the domestic two years of practice has been the main focus of technology trendy, the main user groups also walk in the fashion front of the young group, this time with the “National Treasure” IP co-branding is also to follow up on the current popular trend concept.

The realme official has not yet revealed the machine’s configuration information, but according to the news, the realme Koi phone will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, equipped with up to 12GB memory specifications, battery capacity of more than 4000mAh, and support for 125W fast charging, which is currently the highest cell phone charging power in the industry.

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