Xiaomi 11 frame and engraved “Harman Kardon” Results of BYD Electronic’s Strong Contribution

Xiaomi 11 frame and engraved “Harman Kardon”

On the evening of December 28, Xiaomi unveiled its first flagship for 2021 which will appear globally soon. In addition to core specifications, Xiaomi 11 also features the world’s first under-screen fingerprint scanner supporting heart rate monitoring. Furthermore, it also has Harman Kardon tuned stereo speakers.

According to the report from IT House, BYD Electronics is the main supplier of Xiaomi 11 frame, continued to optimize the process parameters, choose the most suitable parameters to forge a very narrow bezel, the maximum degree of full-screen.

BYD Electronics said that Xiaomi 11 has only a 1.82mm middle frame thickness, which is 0.9mm thinner and 12g lighter than Xiaomi 10, making it much thinner and lighter. Besides, Xiaomi 11 built-in Harman Kardon high-quality stereo dual speakers, bezel laser engraved “Harman Kardon”, which is also the first time the laser engraving process applied to Xiaomi flagship models.

BYD Electronics said, “Harman Kardon” font lines are extremely small, processing precision is very high, BYD Electronics through several purple laser engraving machine parameters adjustment, matching different frame color, so that the frame with aesthetic appreciation.

Besides, BYD Electronics also cooperated with Xiaomi to bring two leather back cover: smoke purple and khaki, also in the thin and light requirements: camera hole size and position degree according to ± 0.05mm strict control; camera hole around the appearance of the skin and injection molding parts gap must be less than 0.1; surface high precision laser engraved small letters, leather surface texture uneven, laser engraved characters are very easy to lead to the character missing unclear.

Finally, BYD Electronics said that Xiaomi sent a special letter of appreciation to thank the BYD Electronics team for their strong contribution to the Xiaomi 11 project.

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