Check-out 2007 Apple Production Line Inside Photos

2007 Apple Production Line Inside Photos

2007 Apple Production Line Inside Photos

In January of 2007, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs officially introduced the first generation of the iPhone smartphone to the public at Macworld 2007. At that time production line is not advance and automated like todays. Recently Apple Insider and iPhone in Canada brought 2007 Apple Production Line inside photos, originally shared by Bob Burrough on Twitter.

Former Apple engineer Bob Burrough released four old photos from 2007 showing Apple’s original iPhone production line, revealing how the groundbreaking smartphone came to real life. According to multiple outlets, the images above depict the first iPhone in a late stage of assembly and appear to have been taken inside a Foxconn factory. Where what appears to be a quality inspection is taking place.

Apple iPhone 12 Series Specifications Comparison.

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These images reveal details of iPhone production work in the spring of 2007, with two images including rows of assembled iPhones with tracking cards attached. This was just after the first iPhone had been released and a few months before it went on sale. The first iPhone featured a 3.5-inch, 89mm multi-touch touchscreen, with only five physical buttons in addition to the touchscreen: volume, mute, off, and Home, which was a handheld computer.

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