OPPO X Tom Ford: The Rollable Phone

OPPO X Tom Ford Rollable Phone

OPPO X Tom Ford Rollable Phone

Earlier OPPO showcases their muscles with Oppo X 2021 rollable display concept phone and future concept jointly designed with Nendo Slide phone and music link. Now Oppo goes further with design, this time in the document. Recently Letsgodigital found some documents that show Oppo is developing a new concept phone, the machine wallpaper, and other details show that the machine is likely to be designed in collaboration with the American fashion design brand Tom Ford.

The back of the phone has three cameras, the arrangement is similar to a handbag clasp, the module frame comes with a wood grain structure, and the back case seems to be leather. The lens module is marked directly below “OPPO X Tom Ford – concept design Shakira”, and the flash is perfectly integrated into this aesthetic system, even if the OCD will not have too much resistance to see. To facilitate the user’s understanding, the Letsgodigital produced the OPPO X Tom Ford renderings.

The phone uses a stretchable scheme similar to a scrolling screen, which can be stretched to expand the display area. The size of the screen before stretching is comparable to a makeup case, and after stretching it can reach the normal size of the phone. Besides, the phone also seems to have two pull-ring ornaments on top, which is expected to pay homage to the classic lady’s handbag design.

Both sides of OPPO X TOM FORD seem to be made of needle fabric, as well as metal, the same wood grain design, SIM card slot is on the right side of the body, other aspects of the details will not be explored for now. It is worth mentioning that Oppo is not the only smartphone manufacturer to cooperate with fashion design brands. Samsung has also recently launched several Thom Browne Edition models.

Tom Ford is a top American fashion designer who worked for the Italian luxury brand Gucci for a long time in his early years. He started his line of sunglasses in 2004 and has since launched menswear, womenswear, accessories, cosmetics, and fragrances.

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