Imitate iPhone 12, Xiaomi 11 No Charger in the Box

Xiaomi 11 No Charger in the Box, Xiaomi 11 packaging box

Xiaomi 11 No Charger in the Box

Earlier Apple released iPhone 12 Series for the global market without providing charging Head and earphone inside the box but sold as a separate accessory. In the meantime, Samsung is also rumored that the upcoming Galaxy S21 packaging will miss the charging head and earphones. Now, suspected that Xiaomi 11 no charger in the box, speculated by packaging box size.

News is revealed by trusted Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station. He exposed Xiaomi 11 packaging box and compared size with iPhone 12’s packaging box. He mentioned, “Secretly show you the packaging box of Xiaomi Mi 11, which is as thin and light as the iPhone 12. Isn’t it a free charger?” Furthermore, in the comment section, he said, “Don’t worry, have a better solution, you will know.”

What other solution is unknown, but Xiaomi 11 packaging box will miss the charging head. Will the first domestic (Chinese) mobile phone manufacturer to imitate Apple without a charging head be Xiaomi? At present, only the thickness of the Xiaomi 11 packaging box and the iPhone 12 is not much different, so no conclusion can be drawn. However, this time the slogan of Xiaomi Mi 11 being lightly loaded will inevitably make people feel meaningful, and some netizens said that the charging head can be obtained by adding one piece on the day of the first release of Xiaomi Mi 11.

It is expected that Xiaomi may use the phone and charger data cable sub-assembly design, to give users who need the charger and do not need the charger different options. This can achieve the purpose of environmental protection, and will not be criticized by some users like Apple.

Update: Im the morning of December 26th, Xiaomi official gives confrontation, that Xiaomi 11 removed charger from packaging box. Here is official text:

Xiaomi 11 new packaging, so light and thin, the official debut. Behind the lightness and thinness, we made an important decision: responding to the call of technology and environmental protection, Xiaomi 11 cancels the random charger included.

Everyone today has a lot of unused chargers, which is a nuisance to you and a burden to the environment. We are well aware that this decision may not be understood, or even spit out. Is there a better solution between industry practice and environmental protection?

Lei Jun.
Xiaomi 11 Packaging Box

There should be no charger in the Xiaomi Mi 11 box. The updated solution should be: the charger is packaged separately. If the charger set is selected, a full set will be shipped with the mobile phone at approximately 100 yuan (1,000-1,100 INR) additional charges.

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