Xiaomi 11 High-Quality Rendering Surfaces: Official Claims Most Costlier Display Ever

Xiaomi 11 High-Quality Rendering

Xiaomi 11 High-Quality Rendering

Near the Xiaomi 11 launch (28th), the burst of information about the machine began to gradually tend to be true. Today, on social media platforms out of a set of Xiaomi 11 high-quality rendering surfaced. According to the rendering, the body color scheme is blue, should be AG glass process, the camera layout, and the previous exposure chart similar.

Xiaomi 11 High-Quality Rendering
Xiaomi 11 High-Quality Rendering

As the picture shows, the model has a rounded rectangular camera layout, containing three cameras, including the main camera with a silver decorative ring, the camera internal highlighting treatment, can vaguely distinguish the word 108MP. Although you can’t see the front, from the body corner transition processing, the front is likely to be a four-curved screen, corresponding to the previous news, front camera arranged at the upper left corner.

According to the recent official preview, Xiaomi 11 will debut with Snapdragon 888, equipped with LPDDR5 memory with 6400Mbps, as well as Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced Edition, computational photography technology, etc.

According to the digital blogger Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi 11 will become another model using Corning’s seventh-generation Gorilla Glass after Samsung Note 20 Ultra, Z Flip, and Fold2, and is also the first domestic model to use this glass. Corning officially released a new generation of Gorilla Glass Victus (seventh generation), with a significant increase in the ability to resist drops and carry scratches. Compared to the sixth generation of Gorilla Glass, Corning will drop height from the previous 1.6m to 2m, while the ability to carry scratches also increased to twice the previous generation, and can even pass the 100 kg pressure test.

Today Xiaomi announced the important details of Xiaomi 11. Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi and chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi 11 carries the top screen ever for Xiaomi phones, and maybe the most expensive screen in the industry.

The resolution and refresh rate are not yet determined, the resolution may be FHD+ for Mi 11 and QHD+ for Mi 11 Pro, the refresh rate is expected to be 120Hz, after all, Xiaomi 10 Ultra, Redmi K30 Ultra already supports 120Hz high brush. The previous generation of Xiaomi 10 is equipped with the original color screen, the official said each Xiaomi 10 screen will be factory calibrated one by one before, said to be a professional screen customized for designers, photographers.

Regardless of the cost Mi 11 screen, a crazy pile of material Heavy used to build it. This screen, creating 13 breakthroughs in the screen. This screen, the cost of building a mainstream size TV screen. Xiaomi said, 2020 Xiaomi in the image, charging to achieve strategic breakthroughs, 2021 high-end screen strategy, to create a new industry display standard for you.

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