First Oppo 5G Innovation Lab Set In India, WhatsApp 5G Video Call Tested

Oppo 5G Innovation Lab Set In India

Oppo 5G Innovation Lab Set In India

OPPO recently announced the establishment of a 5G Innovation Lab at its R&D center in Hyderabad, India, to focus on core product technology development in the 5G interconnected ecosystem. “A major move for connectivity, a giant leap in innovation! OPPO India is proud to announce that it is setting up its first 5G Innovation Lab in India, aimed at elevating the global #5G experience and develop core technologies for a better future!”

OPPO said that the establishment of the India 5G Innovation Lab is a key step for OPPO to further promote global 5G commercialization, which will further enhance its technological influence in India’s 5G field. In addition to the 5G Innovation Lab, OPPO also plans to set up three additional innovation labs in India to conduct R&D and innovation in three major areas: camera, power consumption, and performance optimization bringing advanced personal technology experience to users worldwide with cutting-edge technology.

To accelerate the mass commercialization of 5G, OPPO has been working closely with Ericsson, Qualcomm, and other industry chain partners. Earlier, OPPO successfully demonstrated voice on a commercial 5G SA network in Switzerland; besides, OPPO was the first smartphone brand to make 5G WhatsApp video calls in India; and to date, OPPO has partnered with more than 50 leading global operators to provide 5G services to a wide range of users.

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