Xiaomi 11 Release Date Announced: Beyond Imagination, Special Editions, Performance and More

Xiaomi 11 Release Date

Xiaomi 11 Release Date

On the morning of December 22, Xiaomi officially announced that it will hold a launch event on December 28 to officially release Xiaomi 11. In the text, Xiaomi mentioned that “how much imagination, how much beyond the imagination of the amazing; how much expectation, how much incredible breakthrough; how much attention, how much investment at any cost”.

The poster also appeared with the word “light”, which means that Xiaomi 11 is likely to focus on thin and light, after all, the width of the Xiaomi 10 series of the weight of many users is not very satisfactory. What can be confirmed is that Xiaomi 11 will be the world’s first Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, such as high power fast charging and a large bottom camera will not be absent.

Further news shows that the Xiaomi 11 standard version may use a three-camera rear design and a 1080p perforated curved screen on the front; while the Xiaomi 11 Pro may be upgraded to a quad-curved QHD+ perforated screen and the specifications of the rear camera will be further improved.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Official Teaser

The Pre-booking

At the same time, this annual period in Jingdong to open appointments. Jingdong Mall shows that Xiaomi 11 reservation deadline is December 31, 2020, at 11:59 pm, which means that Xiaomi 11 release time may be January 1, 2021.

This is the industry’s first Snapdragon 888 flagship phone that can be bought, and Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said straight away that “Xiaomi 11 is beyond imagination”.

Much More Expensive

At the same time, Xiaomi 11 also opened the Xiaomi Home channel reservation registration, seems to be the control of the rhythm of the sale and the preparation of goods is very confident. Of course, the fans are most concerned about the shape, specific configuration, and price. In this regard, Xiaomi Industry Investment Department partner Pan Jiutang revealed on Weibo, “Xiaomi 11 is much more expensive”, which seems to imply a price increase.

When Xiaomi 10 was launched in February this year, the starting price was 3999 yuan (8+128GB) and Xiaomi 10 Pro was 4999 yuan (8+256GB) onwards. As this is Xiaomi’s high-end impact, the price is much more expensive than the previous digital flagship, Lei Jun explained that “I hope to break the price limit, regardless of the cost to impact the high-end cell phone market, to create a dream in the hearts of fans. So this Xiaomi 11 price increase is expected”.

If the Xiaomi 11 price increase again, in addition to signaling a more ferocious degree of heap material, also represents Xiaomi’s confidence in standing firm at the top end. Finally, Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi 11 will have a breakthrough in hardcore technology, and in 2021 they will continue to make efforts on high-end products to bring the most advanced and ultimate smartphone experience to the majority of the fan.

Xiaomi 11 Geekbench Performance

In the GeekBench 5 database, there are already several Xiaomi 11 models of running score results. From the summary, the highest single-core 1135, the highest multi-core 3790, on average, the single-core in about 1132 points, multi-core 3734 points or so. Besides, the test also shows that Xiaomi 11 is equipped with 12GB of RAM and runs Android 11.

In terms of run scores alone, the Snapdragon 865 platform of the Black Shark 3 is currently the highest, but the single-core is only 924, multi-core 3449, by the Xiaomi 11 Snapdragon 888 mercilessly killed. The current Xiaomi 11 score and Qualcomm last week announced a similar performance of the reference machine, according to experience, with the manufacturer’s continued optimization and Qualcomm’s driver updates, Snapdragon 888 performance in the future will be more promising.

Xiaomi 11 Special Editions

Sources, today released a SKU of Xiaomi 11 goods, showing that it will include several versions of Xiaomi 11 as following:

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