OnePlus 8T Concept Phone Can Breathe with You

OnePlus 8T Concept Phone

OnePlus 8T Concept Phone

The time will soon enter 2021, and as the New Year approaches, a new wave of mobile phone updates will also arrive. Apart from commercial phones, top brands also showcase their concept phone based on future projections with the evolution of technology. Earlier Xiaomi showcased Mix Alpha with the surrounding screen, Oppo X 2021 with a Rollable display, Vivo IFEA concept with a detachable pop-up camera, and the OnePlus Concept One with color-changing camera glass.

Earlier OnePlus showed off the OnePlus Concept One phone with an invisible rear camera. The machine’s electrochromic glass back panel can be changed from transparent to complete black by changing the current and voltage. Electrochromic glass is not a new concept, but this phone is the first to use it in a smartphone camera lens. While Vivo goes further by applying this technology on the whole back side and offers a full color-changing back cover.

Now OnePlus has introduced a new concept phone called the OnePlus 8T Concept phone that uses the same technology, but now with this color-changing glass on the entire back. OnePlus 8T Concept is an upgrade on the OnePlus 8T with a streamlined design pattern on the back for a cooler look.

According to OnePlus, the color-changing effect is achieved through a film containing metal oxides that sits underneath the back of the phone’s glass and changes color when different voltages are applied to it. The result is that the back of the phone breathes like a notification LED whenever you receive an incoming call, and it also opens the door to many other creative applications.

OnePlus 8T Concept Phone

Reactive Sensing Technology (ECMP + mmWave)

OnePlus 8T concept another technology with it, The mmWave radar which built into the camera bump on the back of the phone, this module uses millimeter-wave radar to reflect electromagnetic waves into the surrounding environment, allowing the phone to sense, image, locate and track objects. The radar module is separate from the millimeter-wave communication module in the phone.

Reactive Sensing Technology offers two benefits: first is touchless notifications – ECMF could flash colors for an incoming call, and users could accept or reject the call with a simple gesture. That will allow users to control the OnePlus 8T Concept using gestures without even touching the device. Second is a breathing monitor – the mmWave technology can register a user’s breathing, enabling the color to change in sync and effectively making the phone a biofeedback device. The OnePlus 8T Concept, in effect, breathes with you.

The working principle behind this technology, borrowed from 5G, is that the mmWave radar module transmits and receives electromagnetic waves. When receiving electromagnetic waves, the digital signal processing (DSP) and CPU perform signal and information processing, allowing the device to perceive, image, locate, and track objects.

OnePlus 8T Concept Phone

Commercialization is not confirmed, may OnePlus never release it, like OnePlus Concept One.

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