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Huawei HiCar Smart Screen

Huawei HiCar Smart Screen

Huawei whole house intelligence and wisdom screen new conference was held. At the meeting, Yu Chengdong revealed that Huawei HiCar has cooperated with more than 20 car manufacturers and more than 150 cars, and more than 5 million cars are planned to be pre-installed with HiCar in 2021. At the conference, Huawei officially released a new member of its Smart Screen family, the Huawei HiCar Smart Screen, mainly for the automotive aftermarket.

Huawei HiCar Smart Screen Official Introduction

Hardware, Huawei HiCar smart screen with 8.9-inch 1920 × 720 resolution display, PPI reached 230, the brightness reached 700nit. The base is said to be the first 360-degree adjustable base design in China, using a professional SLR camera gimbal structure, the direction can be adjusted at will, and a four-leaf clover base design can be firmly placed in the center console.

The front camera is a 2K resolution 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens that can cover 5 lanes and supports manual 10-degree up and down adjustment. When used as a car recorder, the front camera supports functions such as collision locking and parking photo (recording parking position when the engine is off). Besides, it also has a VLOG travel camera function, which can automatically capture 30-second videos through voice commands and download and share them through the Smart Life App.

The rear camera has an elevated design, supports video calling functions, and also supports dual-microphone back up noise reduction to reduce the ambient noise during video calls.

In terms of software, Huawei HiCar Smart Screen uses a card-type UI design and supports situational intelligence, smart home linkage, and parking games. Officials say it currently supports more than 30 applications, covering mainstream navigation, audio, and video apps, and will continue to be updated later.

It can be connected to the original car audio, to achieve the cross-screen flow of cell phone applications; supports cell phone and car navigation cooperation, to achieve GPS signal merit; supports smart home linkage, cockpit games, etc. Price, Huawei Hi-Car smart screen price of 1699 yuan, will be opened on December 30 pre-sale, January 8 official sale.

Huawei HiCar Smart Screen Live Demonstration

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