Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Will Brings Exciting New Features

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 3D Audio

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to be launched along with Galaxy S21 Series on January 14th. In the meantime, Evan Blass has released another animation of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless headphones, this time a 3D animation that shows the device from all angles.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 3D Animation ( by Evan Blass)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will have the same in-ear design as the old Buds and Buds+, with improved sound quality, improved ambient mode, and will support active noise cancellation for the first time, and is expected to perform much better than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live due to its in-ear design.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (by Evan Blass)

Following the tri-color rendering, TheBone (on Reddit) found in the App part of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will have a variety of new features, such as automatic ambient mode and 3D audio. As far as the App is concerned, the headphones will have active noise cancellation, medium noise cancellation mode, and ambient mode, with support for auto ambient mode, which can be activated automatically when the user speaks and turned off automatically when the user stops speaking. The headset’s conversation detection and noise control features can also be activated via Bixby voice assistant.

3D audio seems to be available only on Android 11 devices running OneUI, such as the gyroscope in the headset for virtual 3D. There is also a general equalizer that allows users to adjust the headset’s three-frequency balance on their own.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, model number RM-190, has the same battery capacity as the Buds+, 60 mAh for the headset itself and 472 mAh for the charging case. But with the addition of active noise cancellation, it is expected to have a reduced battery life performance when turned on. Samsung will release a new Galaxy Buds Pro in purple, black, and silver next month, and they are expected to be available on January 14 along with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

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