Konka Micro-LED watch with AM-LTPS Micro LED Screen

Konka Micro LED watch

Konka Micro LED watch

Konka Micro-LED watch

Today, at the 2020 Chongqing Micro-LED Industry Innovation Forum and Konka Semiconductor Display Technology and Product Launch was held. At the launch, Li Hongtao, Vice President of Konka Group and Chairman of Chongqing Institute of Optoelectronics Technology, delivered a speech introducing the layout and achievements of Konka Group in the semiconductor industry. At the end of the conference, Konka unveiled the world’s first Micro-LED watch.

The Konka APHAEA Watch, the world’s first Micro-LED watch, features a 2-inch Micro LED microchip screen with a glass substrate of only 0.12mm. Officially, its chip size is less than 30um, making it a Micro LED product in the true sense of the word. Besides, its display driver uses the most advanced active low-temperature polysilicon semiconductor display technology, with a very good display effect.

The world premiere of Konka Micro LED watch is equipped with P0.12 AM-LTPS Micro LED screen, with a pointed pitch reduced to 0.12mm, a million-level ultra-high contrast ratio, and screen brightness of up to 1500nits, capable of presenting more delicate and realistic color details, relying on Chongqing Konka Optoelectronics Technology Research Institute’s independent HMT technology, to realize a variety of product forms and open up more diversified use scenarios.

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Besides, Konka Group also announced the glass-based P0.375 Micro LED display, which adopts Flip chip flip-chip technology and glass substrate material with better heat dissipation, lower cost, and lower power consumption, successfully breaking through the limit of dot pitch of the front-mounted chip and significantly reducing the production cost of the product.

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