Vivo and Zeiss Jointly Brings T* Coating and Zeiss 3D PoP Bokeh Algorithm to X60

Vivo and Zeiss Collaboration | Zeiss T* Coating and Zeiss 3D PoP

Vivo and Zeiss Collaboration | Zeiss T* Coating and Zeiss 3D PoP

In the afternoon of December 17, Vivo and Zeiss held a global imaging strategy conference in Shenzhen, announcing strategic cooperation and the joint establishment of an imaging lab. Vivo stressed that the new imaging system released by Vivo and Zeiss on the Vivo X60 series is not a simple label, but deep joint research and development. The two sides will establish an imaging laboratory to jointly develop the imaging system.

In the upcoming X60 series, the whole series will adopt the imaging technology jointly developed by the two companies, including T* coating, Zeiss 3D PoP bokeh simulation algorithm, and so on. Besides, the cooperation between Vivo and Zeiss also includes the optical lens structure of the lens and the part of the optical design scheme, Vario-Tessar lens structure in will appear on the products of the two cooperation.

There is no doubt that this cooperation between Vivo and Zeiss will bring the X60 series to a higher level of image performance. In addition to the X60 series, the future of Vivo’s high-end cell phones will also carry the relevant technology, which means that the iQOO flagship and NEX product line may also have Zeiss small blue label in the future to support.

Compared with the traditional OIS optical stabilization, micro cloud table can not only realize “X-axis, Y-axis bidirectional movement”, but also realize the rotation around the two axes, forming YAW and PITCH axial movement, to achieve the effect of multi-dimensional “three-dimensional stabilization”, which is a better solution for users in taking photos and this is a good solution to the problem of anti-shake that users encounter when taking photos and videos.

Vivo X60 Series camera combination already we have reported, but at that specific information was missing. Now Weibo blogger Exposed more details about cameras. Vivo X60 camera includes 1/2-inch Sony IMX598 + second-generation micro cloud + f/1.48 aperture + Zeiss performance.

Besides, the micro cloud stage can achieve three-dimensional anti-shake and 100% overall module anti-shake, so that the entire picture stabilization effect remains consistent, to achieve full-frame stabilization. Not surprisingly, the X60 series may also have a very large cup of products, the configuration will be a bigger surprise, wait and see.

Combined with the previous official announcement, the Vivo X60 series is expected to be officially released later this month, the new machine in addition to the imaging system, the biggest feature is equipped with the Exynos 1080 processor from Samsung. Exynos 1080 has the latest A78 and G78 architecture support and integrated 5G baseband, support 120Hz screen, UFS 3.1 flash memory, LPDDR5 memory, and other technologies. In terms of performance, the Exynos 1080 engineering machine previously found by AnTuTu in the background scored over 690,000, which has surpassed the Snapdragon 865 Plus and is described as a flagship SoC.

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