Mi 11 Super Flagship Without any Shortcomings: Price will touch new height

Mi 11 Super Flagship

Mi 11 Super Flagship

The latest revelations show that Xiaomi is expected to release a digital series flagship, the world’s first Snapdragon 888 Xiaomi 11 series, around December 29. According to Xiaomi’s new machine rhythm, Xiaomi 11 series contains at least two new machines, respectively, the standard version and Pro version, and maybe launched Mi 11 Super Flagship, named the Ultra or Xiaomi 11 Pro+.

According to news, Xiaomi 11 series top model in Xiaomi 10 series based on a further step, hardware parameters do not exist shortcomings, completely and competing for the highest flagship to fight. This year, Xiaomi launched a mega cup flagship Xiaomi 10 Ultra, Redmi launched Redmi K30 Ultra. Comprehensive information at hand, Xiaomi 11 mega cup is expected to use QHD+ resolution screen, support 120Hz high refresh rate, the new video super-resolution function, said the Samsung takeaway screen in the first-class level.

Core configuration, the machine is the world’s first equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, is expected to support 100-watt wired fast charging, as well as higher power wireless fast charging. Another source of information also pointed out that the price of the Xiaomi 11 mega cup should continue to raise prices, concerning the Xiaomi 10 Ultra debut price from 5299 yuan, then the former may break through 5500 yuan to start?


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