Nubia Red Magic 6 with Electrochromic Back Video: One Touch Transparent Edition or Desired Colour

Nubia Red Magic 6 with Electrochromic Back

Nubia Red Magic 6 with Electrochromic Back

It was officially announced that this is one of the world’s most powerful upcoming gaming phone Nubia Red Magic 6 Series will bring next level gaming experience with the power of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5nm processor.

President Nubia Ni Fei said that Snapdragon 888 and Red Magic 6 are bursting at the seams and may be the most powerful in the world. Like Red Magic gaming phones, the Snapdragon processor is usually overclocked and then equipped with many cooling technologies, such as a small built-in cooling fan.

Recently, a new video circulated on Weibo claiming Red Magic 6 with electrochromic back panel and will offer one key to change colour of back side. In video device back cover colour instantly changes with one touch from black to transparent or vice versa. Additionally device used in video is closely matches Red Magic 5S. However Red Magic gaming phones series all phones looks same, may be Nubia carry forward previous design to next.

Nubia Red Magic 6 with Electrochromic Back

Earlier Vivo and OnePlus also demonstrated same technology but didn’t commercialized. So, what is electrochromic material and how it works? Publicly available information shows that electrochromic materials can undergo reversible colour changes under the action of an applied lower driving voltage or current, which is a reversible change in the valence and components of the material, so that the optical properties of the material change or remain changed.

Electrochromic is the phenomenon where the colour or opacity of a material changes when a voltage is applied. By doing so, an electrochromic smart window can block ultraviolet, visible or (near) infrared light instantaneously and on demand.

As the colour change is persistent and energy need only be applied to effect a change, electrochromic materials are used to control the amount of light and heat allowed to pass through a surface, most commonly smart windows.


Previously, one plus has released its concept machine Concept One, is the use of compressed electrochromic glass, can be turned from black to transparent in 0.7 seconds, power consumption of only 2-3mAh battery for an hour. At the same time, One Plus also said that the life of this compressed electrochromic glass can complete 200,000 times from black to transparent cycle.

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It is conceivable that if applied to the entire back cover of the phone, then the cost of the phone is certainly increased, and will give variety of new possibility like: customise back colour as you desire, changing back according to notification, changing device to complete transparent. According to recent news, Oppo Reno5 Pro+ is expected to commercialize this technology for the first time.

There is not much news about Red Magic 6, but from the parameters of the previous generation you can guess that it will be equipped with such features as high screen refresh rate, fast charging, large battery and it is expected that the gaming aspect will be upgraded accordingly.


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