With PadOS Huawei MatePad Specifications Leaked: Release With P50 Series

Huawei MatePad with PadOS

Huawei MatePad with PadOS

At present, Apple occupies the tablet market, Android tablet gradually thinning, only a few large manufacturers in keeping updated, Huawei is one of them. Despite the ban from all sides, Huawei is still moving forward firmly at its own pace. For example, early next year will see the next-generation flagship P50 series as expected, while the software side of the HMS ecology, Harmony OS is advancing.

Of course, there are other more hardware products on the way, such as tablets. According to the latest claim of Courage Digital, it can be confirmed once again that Huawei’s new tablet will be released together with the P50 series, and the biggest surprise is that it is expected to carry the PadOS Harmony system, which is designed for tablets.

PadOS based on the Harmony OS system is specifically designed for the tablet Harmony system. Taking into account Huawei announced that next year the entire line of cell phones equipped with Harmony, indicating that the degree of completion is close to completion, should be able to spare energy to do PadOS.

According to the engineering prototype, this tablet positioning high-end, using a 12.9-inch OLED screen, no cut-out/punch-hole type, ultra-narrow bezel, support for 120Hz high refresh rate, as well as a thin metal body. Not surprisingly, the machine will belong to the MatePad Series. As for the chip, it is allegedly expected to use the Kirin 9000 Series, which looks like Huawei’s inventory is still quite a lot.


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