Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Back Cover Leaks along with Mi 11, Battery And Charging Confirmed

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Back Cover

Mi 11 Series Battery And Charging

If nothing else, the Mi 11 will be unveiled later this month or early January, becoming the first model to feature the Snapdragon 888 with huge performance improvement from Snapdragon 865.

This morning, multiple media outlets are reporting that the new model number M2011K2C corresponds to the Mi 11, which was approved for wireless licensing back last month when it was referred to as the Redmi K40 series. It’s not clear which new Xiaomi phone corresponds to the standard version of the Mi 11, but according to the report, it should belong to the Mi 11 series, and it’s the standard version, not the Pro version.

Then, the blogger digital chat station said, two models of BM24, BM25 battery through the 3C certification, seems to be a dual-cell, belong to a new machine, the sum of battery capacity for 4780mAh and 4970mAh, the standard value of 5000mAh ±.

Scoop pointed out that this new dual-chip machine is equipped with a 55W fast-charge, is expected to be fully charged in about 35 minutes, the high-grade version is equipped with a 6C battery, and the Mi 10 Supreme Edition of 120W fast-charge the same technology. From the news speculation, the standard Mi 11 is expected to support 55W wired fast charging with a battery capacity of about 5000mAh, while the Mi 11 Pro is upgraded to support 120W fast charging.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Back Cover

The shape of the two models are starting to come out more frequently, and following the Xiaomi Mi 11 renders, cases have now appeared for the two new models, showing the rear camera layout design.

As you can see, the Xiaomi Mi 11 back cover shows a square camera layout at the rear, with a triple camera, a highlight ring for the main camera, and a flash in the same frame, which is almost identical to the rendering.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Back Cover

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Back Cover

According to the Mi 11 Pro Back cover, it has a horizontal matrix camera layout with four cameras, including a square lens, which is expected to be a periscope telephoto lens, as previously reported. It is still not confirmed, and its authenticity has yet to be verified.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Back Cover

The Pro version has a 2K+ resolution screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and is equipped with various display features, such as super-resolution enhancement. Besides, the Mi 11 Pro is also expected to support 120W wired fast charging, and the 80W wireless fast charging was announced some time ago.

Besides, the standard version of the Mi 11 Series seems to use a square matrix triple camera, rumor may be equipped with self-research ISP, to improve the photo effect. ISP is the image signal processing unit of the phone, mainly responsible for the first step of post-processing of the original image information collected by the sensor, while the ISP chip can also realize face recognition and automatic scene recognition due to its programmability.

At present, cell phone manufacturers using self-developed or independent ISP is not uncommon in the industry, Huawei is known for its strong shooting performance, in which self-developed Kirin ISP contributed, so the Mi 11 series may be the first to use their research and development of a new ISP, the image is worth looking forward to.

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