Suspected OnePlus 9 Live Photo Reveals Core Specifications

OnePlus 9 Live Photo

OnePlus 9 Live Photo

OnePlus 9 live photo was revealed for the first time. The spotted photo comes from Twitter, a new blogger. The most noticeable thing about this photo of the OnePlus 9 on the front screen is that it features a center-mounted cutout screen solution, which can be seen by those with sharp eyes.

OnePlus 9 Live Photo (Twitter)

The information about the phone also clearly shows some configuration information of the OnePlus 9, it is equipped with Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, 12GB of RAM + 512GB of storage space, the camera or quad-camera lens, the four lenses are 48 megapixel’s + 48 megapixel’s + 8 megapixel’s + 5 megapixel’s pixels respectively, the front screen is a 6.48-inch AMOLED screen that supports 120Hz refresh rate.

It’s worth noting that there doesn’t seem to be a front-facing camera between the status bar and the edge of the screen on the spy photos, which doesn’t match the information in the previously revealed OnePlus 9 renders, so the authenticity of the spy photos/rendering has yet to be confirmed.

OnePlus 9 Rendering (91mobiles)

The OnePlus 9 will also be one of the first models to be powered by the Snapdragon 888. The chip uses Samsung’s latest 5nm EUV process, and the CPU is still an eight-core design with a triple-cluster architecture of 1+3+4. The largest of the cores is the ARM Cortex-X1 architecture, with a frequency of 2.84GHz, three 2.4GHz Cortex A78 cores, and four 1.8GHz Cortex A55 cores. In terms of performance, Cortex-X1 is 30% higher than Cortex-A77 and has 23% higher integer computing performance than Cortex-A78. Cortex-X1 also has twice the machine learning capability of Cortex-A78.

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