PPT Shows Samsung 600MP Sensor Characteristics

Samsung 600MP Sensor PPT

Samsung 600MP Sensor PPT

Earlier, Samsung’s sensor business team and executive vice president Yongin Park stated that Samsung’s goal is to develop Samsung 600MP sensor (600 megapixels), breaking the limit of human eyes (about 500 million pixels).

Recently, Twitter tipster Ice universe posted a slide show showing a Samsung 600 megapixel camera module is in development. The CMOS sensor has a diagonal length of 1/0.57 inch and an area twice the size of the largest cell phone CMOS sensors today, surpassing even the CMOS size of the M4/3 microcontroller. Besides, the sensor has a single-pixel size of 0.8μm.

Samsung 600MP Sensor PPT

This Samsung 600MP presentation shows a lot of information, as Samsung says that 4K and even 8K resolution video recording is becoming more and more popular and that this 600-megapixel sensor is capable of scaling video without sacrificing image quality. However, Samsung’s ISOCELL 600-megapixel sensor won’t be available anytime soon, as Samsung must first address the issue of camera bulges. According to the image, the camera module is 22mm taller than the back of the phone and occupies 12% of the phone’s back cover area.

According to the previous official news, Samsung has already started the development of a 250-megapixel sensor before it develops a 600-megapixel sensor. However, we will not see this application on cell phones until the miniaturization of the camera module is solved.

ISOCELL is the name of Samsung’s camera image sensor program, which currently has three sensors with more than 100 million pixels, called HM1, HM2, and HMX. The current flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phone currently on sale has a resolution of 108 megapixels, a CMOS size of 1/1.33 inch, and outputs 12 megapixels of photos with a 9-pixel-in-one feature. The camera is equipped with OIS optical image stabilization and is capable of shooting video at up to 8K/24fps. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phone’s DxOMark camera scored 126 points and is currently in ninth place.

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