MediaTek Join IMC2020 in India to Launch New 5G Solutions

MediaTek Join IMC2020 in India

MediaTek Join IMC2020 in India

MediaTek announced yesterday that it will hold the IMC2020 conference in India from December 8 to 10, where it will share its latest MediaTek 5G solutions with its “5G Partners”. However, it is still unknown whether the new chip will be launched.

Earlier news sources said that several local Indian manufacturers will be released on December 8, a new phone with MediaTek chips on. Qualcomm launched a new generation of Snapdragon 888 chips earlier this month, but MediaTek’s most powerful chip is still the Dimensity 1000+ in the first half of this year.

Last year, MediaTek officially unveiled its new 5G new chip brand “Dimensity” in Shenzhen, China, while bringing the first integrated With the 5G SoC – Dimensity 1000, MediaTek has gotten rid of the prejudice of only making low-end chips.

Besides, previously reported that MediaTek is developing two 6nm/5nm chips using Cortex-A78, model MT6893, and MT6891, with stronger ARM Cortex-A78 cores. That could be released at IMC2020 in the India conference.


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