E Ink beings World’s First Flexible soft full-color Electronic Paper applications to market for Wearables

E Ink soft full-color Electronic Paper

E Ink soft full-color Electronic Paper

E Ink, an electronic paper maker, announced that E Ink has partnered with Plastic Logic, a designer and manufacturer of flexible and non-glass electronic paper displays, to launch the world’s first ePaper using Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP). A soft full-color electronic paper with ACeP technology is a new full-color display technology for wearable devices.

The oTFT (organic Thin Film Transistor) backplane based on the ACeP technology of electronic paper from Innolux combined with Plastic Logic, which is officially expected to be a new full-color display technology for new wearable devices.

E Ink is expected to make a difference in innovative applications such as smart wear, smart jewelry, and smart apparel, providing a novel display experience through the backlight-less nature of electronic paper and the flexibility of a flexible substrate.

Plastic Logic is a leading organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backsheet technology that offers high resolution, thin and light, and ultra-low power consumption, according to E-Tek. Compared to conventional glass-based TFT backplanes, OTFT backplanes are stronger and thinner, making them ideal for wearable device applications.

According to official sources, E Ink’s ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) is a fully reflective e-paper technology with colored particles, which is currently used in products such as billboards; while Plastic Logic’s OTFT (Organic Thin Film Transistor) is a new type of e-paper technology with a high resolution, lightweight, and ultra-low power consumption. “We are very excited to collaborate with E Ink to provide the market with the world’s first plastic displays using ACeP film,” said Tim Burne, CEO, Plastic Logic.

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“E Ink is excited to partner with Plastic Logic to offer the world’s first flexible color display technology to customers,” said Johnson Lee, CEO, E Ink. “Plastic Logic’s advanced oTFT displays are more robust than traditional amorphous silicon transistors on a plastic substrate, which are more suitable for wearable applications.”

Tim Burne, president of Plastic Logic, said that a new E Ink soft full-color electronic paper development kit will be available by the end of the year, allowing engineers to bring E Ink soft full-color ePaper applications to market.


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