Xiaomi Mi 11 Tempered Film Confirms Quad-curved Design

Xiaomi Mi 11 Tempered Film

At the recent Snapdragon Technology Summit, Lei Jun made it clear that the Xiaomi Mi 11 will soon be the world’s first Snapdragon 888, a cutting-edge piece of hardcore technology.

But apart from the Snapdragon 888, very little is known about the new device. Today, the Xiaomi Mi 11 tempered film has been spotted by renowned digital blogger ice universe, confirming the quad-curved screen design.

Xiaomi Mi 11 tempered film

Compared to a dual-curved surface, the top and bottom of the quad surface are also curved to achieve a balance between the four bezels, which is what the Huawei P40 Pro uses, called a full-overflow screen.

From the tempered film modeling point of view, the phone’s circumference is rounded, in addition to the obvious curved shape of the two sides, the upper and lower bezels also use a curved transition, the whole machine is expected to feel good.

It is known that the Xiaomi 11 series is expected to launch the Mi 11, Mi 11 Pro two models, there Snapdragon 888 first exclusive period, it is likely to be released this month, January on sale.

Xiaomi 11 live photo

According to earlier reports, the Mi 10 Pro will use a 2K 120Hz dual-curved flexible screen, with a little curvature at the top and bottom (basically in line with the quad-curved screen), with a resolution of 3200×1440 and a hole-cutting screen design.

Concerning the Xiaomi Mi 10 90Hz, FHD screen, it is expected that the overall perception and fluidity of the Mi 11 will be improved considerably. Also, given that the Mi 10 Ultra has been launched commercial 120W wired, 50W wireless seconds, the Mi 11 series is bound to be only high, not low.

Besides, Xiaomi has also added several features to this high-definition screen, such as super-resolution enhancement, AI intelligent scene optimization, video quality enhancement, and so on, further adapted to the characteristics of the high-definition screen.

Of course, the most anticipated is the photography part. At present, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Supreme Edition ranks second in DXO with 133 points, and it is worth looking forward to whether the Mi 11 can complete the surpassing of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro.


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