Production-Ready Coolpad Xview X2 5G AR Glass Unveiled

Coolpad Xview X2

Coolpad Xview X2 5G AR Glass

With the continuous development and popularization of 5G technology in China, the AR (augmented reality) technology industry is about to usher in new opportunities. Recently, at the 7th World Internet Conference, Coolpad and Epson released the new generation of AR glasses – Coolpad Xview X2.

Coolpad Xview X2 Specifications

Coolpad xview X2 will be the first to support 5G communication, meeting the industry’s demand for ultra-high-definition and low-latency transmission, and solving the problem of slow transmission and high latency of AR glasses in 4G networks.

For the first time, Xview X2 is equipped with Epson’s optical display module VM-40, which supports 34° field of view angle, binocular 1080p display, and 500000:1 high contrast ratio. Xview X2 is also equipped with 3D structured light and infrared cameras and other modules to support spatial positioning and gesture recognition. Coolpad Xview X2 will be the world’s first mass-produced 5G+AR lightweight all-in-one machine.

As a world-renowned manufacturing company, Epson has deep experience in micro-display optics. In the current context of accelerating the commercial landing of the new 5G infrastructure, Coolpad and Epson Optics have joined forces in 5G technology, AR glasses manufacturing process, OLED optical display modules, and other aspects, will continue to optimize performance and enhance the user experience by incorporating cutting-edge technology, while using 5G technology as a base to provide the impetus for industry upgrades.

The xview X2 is equipped with a Qualcomm SM7250 processor released by Qualcomm last year. Xview X2 is equipped with a huge 8000mAh battery, which can be used continuously for 6 hours.

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As Coolpad’s second AR product, Xview X2 continues Coolpad’s consistent product philosophy with an all-in-one design, and it is reported that the product will be officially launched in Q3 2021 for the global market.

It is worth noting that Coolpad released the country’s first infinite all-in-one AR glasses Xview in July this year, including two versions, the consumer version priced at 2,999 yuan, and another version for the industry customized version, currently mainly used in public security and industrial fields.

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