Samsung Tri-fold and Rollable Display Official Plans Hinted, Patent Explains More Details

Samsung Tri-fold a.k.a. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Rendering

Samsung Tri-fold and Rollable Display

As we all know, Samsung is currently in the first tier of the folding screen cell phone market. Samsung recently showed two different possible future forms of the folding screen on the press release page of its official Samsung Display news blog, which is in line with the contents of Samsung’s patent, and it is expected that Samsung is developing related models to turn the idea into reality.

Of course, Samsung is only hinting at the official blog, and no other content has been announced. The main intention is to display relevant content and reveal that Samsung Display has related plans.

Regarding the changes in cell phone screens, there seems to be endless imagination now, and recently, Samsung’s Samsung Display gave a very interesting picture that seems to indicate the future direction of Samsung products in terms of screens.

As you can see from the picture, Samsung phones with tri-fold screens and Samsung phones with rollable screens have appeared, and the current Galaxy Z Fold2 only realizes word folding, but after the beginning, the rest of the way is easy, does this mean that future Samsung phones can realize such tri-fold operation on the screen?

The other rollable screen is not yet in mass production out of the popular, OPPO just showed this kind of concept phone form, but as we all know, the strength of the screen or to see the Samsung LG such a big old factory, Samsung just did not show rollable screen but does not mean that it does not have a Rollable screen, such a screen form may also be successfully mass production out later.

Samsung Tri-fold Device Rendering Based on Patent

According to the LetsGoDigital, In mid-2018, Samsung Display filed a design patent with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). The documentation is kept secret until 17 July 2020. The patented device can be folded twice with a double hinge. Thus, the flexible display consists of 3 equal display parts equal to a big-screen tablet.

Besides, this Samsung foldable smartphone is equipped with a keyboard. It is a sliding keyboard that can be slid out of the body. The keyboard is the same size as one display part. Because it is a sliding keyboard, you can continue to use it, regardless of how the device is folded. This way you can even use the keyboard when using the phone in its most compact form. Probably some sort of locking mechanism will be built in to prevent the keyboard and/or the phone from unintentionally unfolded.

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