Lenovo Lemon Series About Debut, Challenging Redmi Note 9 Series

Lenovo Lemon Series

Lenovo Lemon Series

Last night, the long-awaited Redmi Note9 series was officially launched in the Xiaomi Technology Park, and the three phones made their debut as promised. After the official debut of the product, Lenovo previewed the new phone, saying that it may have higher pixels, a larger screen, or a more convenient design than its friendly counterparts.

As seen in the official poster, Lenovo’s new phone features a rear-facing quad-camera, a perforated screen, and side buttons that appear to have an innovative design. The last image is interesting, as a single curved button may represent a special shortcut design that the phone will have.

Tribute to Friends
But perhaps, the pixels could be higher?
Can the screen be bigger?
Or is there a more convenient design?
6 blades out, more 6 than 9!


Earlier on November 9th, Lenovo China Mobile General Manager Chen Jin hinted at the return of Lemons. As a Lenovo Internet-branded product, Lemon has gained the attention of many users with its affordable price and good industrial design. Now that Lenovo keeps warming up the new phones, perhaps this means we could see the new Lenovo Lemon series shortly.


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