Samsung Galaxy Note Rollable smartphone with S Pen Rendering Revealed

Samsung Rollable phone

Samsung Galaxy Note rollable smartphone with S Pen

OPPO officially brought the first smartphone with a Rollable screen design to the Future Technology Conference recently, although it is only a concept showcase and not in mass production, it is enough to bring a hint of a different design to the cell phone market which has a uniform appearance.

Coincidentally, today, the foreign media letsgodigital also announced the rendering of Samsung’s new phone with a retractable/rollable screen design called “Samsung Galaxy Note rollable smartphone with S Pen.”

Samsung Galaxy Note rollable smartphone with S Pen

As you can see from the renders, this new Samsung phone with Rollable screen design still adheres to the usual design style of Samsung cell phones, and on top of that, the phone screen can be stretched out, so that the phone can get a larger screen area, and the frame part also adopts the curved screen design.

Besides, these renders also show the rear lens area of the phone, equipped with three cameras and a flash, and the phone seems to come with a stylus, a large screen with a stylus has always been a feature of Samsung phones, so when faced with a screen that can be stretched and curled, the stylus will not be absent.


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