Apple M1 AnTuTu Benchmark Performance Score Reached Million Points

Apple M1

Apple M1 AnTuTu Benchmark

Earlier, Apple announced its first product, an Apple M1 chip designed specifically for the Mac. According to Apple’s official statement, the Apple M1 chip is built on a 5nm process with 16 billion transistors integrated. In terms of specifications, the Apple M1 integrates an eight-core CPU (four performance cores + four energy-efficient cores) and an eight-core GPU, in addition to a 16-core neural network engine.

The CPU’s performance cores are based on an ultra-wide execution architecture, with each core enjoying 192KB of first-level instruction cache and 128KB of first-level data cache, while the four cores share 12MB of L2 cache.

The smaller cores are based on a wide-execution architecture, with each core sharing 128KB of first-level instruction cache, 64KB of first-level data cache, and four cores sharing 4MB of second-level cache. The GPU is an eight-core design, but with 128 execution units, a floating-point performance of up to 2.6 TFlops, a texture fill rate of 82 billion per second, and a pixel fill rate of 41 billion per second.

So, how does the Apple M1 perform? Recently AnTuTu has found a large number of Apple M1 AnTuTu Benchmark running scores in the background. Interestingly, when running iOS apps, the MacBook Air was disguised as an iPad Pro and the system was identified as iOS 14.2.

In terms of performance, the highest score of Apple M1 AnTuTu Benchmark in the background is 1119243, of which the CPU score is 282265, GPU score is 538944, MEM score is 189921, and UX score is 108113.

Apple M1 AnTuTu Benchmark

When compared to the iPad Pro 4, which is also a 512GB storage version, the CPU score is 50.65% ahead, the GPU score is 43.78% ahead, the MEM score is 64.98% ahead, the UX score is 38.66% ahead, and the overall score is 48.19% ahead. At the same time, this is also the first chip that can exceed 1 million under the iOS AnTuTuTu V8 version of the running score.

Apple MacBook AIR vs iPad Pro 4 AnTuTu Benchmark

Additionally, The Apple M1 also features a unified memory architecture that dynamically allocates more memory for use as video memory, instantly waking the Mac from sleep mode while providing stable performance even when running 3D programs or editing RAW photos.

In terms of performance, Apple claims that the Apple M1 has the best power consumption ratio in the world, with twice the performance of traditional PC processors at 10W power consumption, and only 1/3 the power consumption of traditional PC processors at the same performance.

The GPU claims to be the fastest GPU available, with twice the performance of traditional PC processors at 10W power consumption. The first devices to feature the Apple M1 chip include the MacBook Air, Mac mini, and 13-inch MacBook Pro.


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