Panasonic Transparent OLED TP-55ZT110 and TP-55ZT100 Commercial Now

Panasonic Transparent OLED TP-55ZT110 and TP-55ZT100

Panasonic Transparent OLED TP-55ZT110 and TP-55ZT100

Last year, Panasonic showed a transparent OLED display during the CIIE, and now it is officially launched the Panasonic TP-55ZT110 and TP-55ZT100 transparent OLED displays, the main difference being the presence or absence of a dimming unit.

Panasonic Transparent OLED

Panasonic Transparent OLED Features Highlights as officially explained.

The organic light-emitting diodes arranged to configure each pixel on the transparent OLED display panel emit light on their own, so the display panel renders vivid, high-quality images without using a backlight. Furthermore, its wide viewing angle enables clear viewing of the displayed image even from an oblique angle. The transparent display panel is suitable for digital signage (electronic signboard) and also for displaying images in a large space such as a show window. The display section measures less than 1 cm (55ZT100: 3.8 mm, 55ZT110: 7.6 mm) in thickness. The ultra-thin display panel blends in and harmonizes with the surroundings just like a sheet of glass. All parts and members inside the display module are bonded precisely in a vacuum to minimize the reflection loss and improve transparency.

Conventional Transparent OLED Image, Panasonic Transparent OLED Image

The TP-55ZT110 is equipped with an originally developed dimming unit on the backside. This unit electrically controls the light transmittance and can change the mode between “Transparency Mode” and “Black Mode”. In the Black Mode, the dimming unit reduces the light transmittance to decrease the amount of light passing through the panel from the rear side, thus making the displayed image highly visible even in an environment brightly lit by outside lights. The background is not transparent, so the displayed image is highly visible, with high contrast and deep black levels and without disturbing reflections or glares. The TP-55ZT110 is a multifunctional display unit with the outstanding features of both transparent display and ordinary display.

Black Mode Image, Transparent Mode Image

The new product features a modular specification with a separate display unit and power supply unit, thus offering extra versatility in installation and system design. The product can be installed not only in homes but also in various other places including commercial complexes, transit advertisements, and public facilities. What’s more, multiple panels can be adjoined to display images on a large screen.

Since 2016, Panasonic has been demonstrating transparent OLED display prototypes and concepts. The two transparent displays feature LG Display’s 55-inch Full HD OLED display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and weigh only 1.75 kilograms. The operating temperature range is limited to 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Xiaomi Transparent OLED Live Demonstration

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Compared to the TP-55ZT100, the Panasonic TP-55ZT110 offers a dimming unit on the back panel. The dimming unit, developed in-house by Panasonic, changes the display to a “Black Mode,” in which the dimming unit reduces light transmission, i.e., the transparency of the TV, and thus improves image quality by increasing contrast. This allows the TZ110 to be used as both a regular monitor and a transparent monitor.

Panasonic has not yet announced the price of the two monitors, only that they will go on sale in December 2020 in Japan and the Asia-Pacific market.


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