OFILM 7P 108 Megapixel Optical Lens Breaking Barrier of High-End Lenses

OFILM 7P 108 Megapixel Optical Lens

According to the report from IT HOME, OFILM 7P 108 megapixel Optical lens has completed small-batch verification. According to the official, the advantages of the OFILM 7P 108 megapixel Optical lens include the following features.

According to OFILM, optical lenses are essential components in machine vision systems, which directly affect the quality of imaging and the implementation and effectiveness of algorithms. In addition to the number of lenses, it also depends on the lens material, structural design, aperture type, overall workmanship, etc.

When it comes to focusing and focusing, the slightest difference can greatly affect imaging. High-pixel lens products and multi-slice optical structure production technology have always been the technical barriers for leading optical companies. This time, OFILM has successfully developed a 108-megapixel 7P lens, breaking through the technical barrier of high-end lenses.

The company was founded in 2002 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. The company’s main business includes micro camera modules, fingerprint recognition modules and other microelectronics business, touch screen and touch display full-fit modules and smart car electronics products and services, widely used in smartphones, tablets, smart cars, and wearable electronics, etc.

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