Oppo Officials Point Out Problems Of the Rollable Screen and Future Scope Of Concept Technologies

Oppo Officials Point Out Problems Of the Rollable Screen and Future Scope Of Concept Technologies

Problems Of the Rollable Screen and Future Scope Of Concept Technologies from Oppo

At the OPPO INNO DAY event, OPPO Founder and CEO Chen Mingyong delivered a speech entitled “Leap into the future”, and formally disclosed OPPO’s 3+N+X technology leapfrogging strategy. Besides, OPPO also brought three concept phones OPPO X 2021, OPPO AR Glass 2021, and CybeReal. After the conference, OPPO Vice President and President of OPPO Research Institute Liu Chang, OPPO Research Institute Product Manager Wayne, and OPPO Hardware Architecture Engineer Jin Xiang were interviewed by the media, and questions related to AR glasses, Rollable screen, and other topics were answered.

Liu Chang, Vice President of OPPO and Dean of Research Institute

Firstly, on the topic of AR, OPPO AR Glass 2021 is the second AR glasses concept product from OPPO. There will not be an obvious sense of weight, and OPPO AR Glass 2021 can connect to the Find X2 Pro via a C to C cable, relying on Snapdragon 865 computing, CPU and GPU computing performance increased by more than 40%.

In the interview, Chang Liu told IT Home and other media that OPPO’s AR is a very important direction for the digital twin, so the investment in this area is very firm. Because it is a brand new field, we must do this with the expectation and goal of exploring and leading. Besides, AR also involves the technology side, ecological side, and application side, so our position is to be able to work with industry partners extensively to promote this matter, and to work with industry or industry partners in a win-win way to do this.

The OPPO AR Developer Program will be officially launched in 2021, including developer recruitment, developer salon, and developer support programs. Developers create cross-platform, user-level AR applications.

On the topic of the Rollable concept phone, Chang Liu emphasized three points:

Besides, Liu Chang also told the media that OPPO made a sliding screen does not mean that give up the folding screen, OPPO has long had such technology. “We have a technology shelf within OPPO, and the folding screen would have been a very important technology item on the technology shelf.

For the media mentioned the technical yield problem, OPPO hardware structural engineer Jin Xiang said, OPPO has always had very strict quality standards and requirements, OPPO X 2021 has reached the level of 100,000 levels, but also in the test, according to only 50 times a day, it can be used for five years, and 100,000 times is not the limit, it is just a process of data. Jin Xiang said, OPPO left the technical difficulties to their own, to pass the beauty of the user.

Oppo X 2021 Hands-On Video

Furthermore, During the conference, OPPO Vice President and President of Research Institute Liu Chang said in an interview with Sohu Technology and other media. The real risk of rollable screens, he said, is mainly in transportation and assembly, where they can be easily damaged if abnormal forces cause them to bend is the main problem of the rollable screen.

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For the launch cost of the concept machine, Liu Chang said the cost of the concept machine has not yet been calculated to push the market in the future, “(I believe) as long as we push, will reach a relatively reasonable price.”

A media asked about the topic of OPPO Research Institute, it is understood that OPPO Research Institute was established in 2018, six places around the world with research and development teams, including Dongguan, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, and Silicon Valley. The main direction of OPPO Research Institute in the future is to make reserves following some cutting-edge, long-cycle technologies. In the interview, Liu Chang said, the OPPO Research team’s position in the company is to explore and product realization, to explore some impossible things, because future-oriented, especially unknown things, need some attempts.

The institute’s position at OPPO is to explore something different from the product line team and to face the future,” Liu Chang said. Talking about OPPO’s future technology trends, he said, “To make cell phones and devices around cell phones, around people can be smarter, is a very important thing in the next one or two years.”

Regarding CybeReal, Wayne said, “In our thinking, cell phones and AR are one of the relatively more important personal terminal devices for everyone in the future. In the short term, we feel that the phone is still the most important personal device. In the future, cell phones and AR glasses will have a strong possibility of mutual integration and connection, and AR glasses will need to have a strong interaction with cell phones to give better play to the ability of AR glasses.”

Oppo CybeReal Live Demonstration

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