More Features of OriginOS Officially Explained: In-depth Evolution

More Features of OriginOS

More Features of OriginOS Officially Explained

This morning, Vivo announced more information about OriginOS, its new mobile operating system, uncovered at the VDC 2020 developer conference. Today, Vivo, more features of OriginOS officially explained.

Vivo OriginOS Officially Explained

OriginOS New Features

OriginOS New Features

In terms of touch, OriginOS significantly reduces touch jitter through touch data reporting point analysis and smoothing, optimizes touch response speed for key scenes such as edge touch and gaming, and reduces touch jitter by 30.32% and maximum touch delay by 46.27%.

OriginOS supports enhanced memory management. Vivo says, with the iteration of the Android version, each app takes up more and more DDR memory. DDR memory has become the biggest resource bottleneck in the system. Vivo proposes the “Enhanced Memory Management Technology 1.0 “The solution is to solve this industry problem through three technologies: memory fusion, process optimization, and application preloading.”

OriginOS supports the new Multi-Turbo 5.0, which includes Visual Response Priority, Compute Resource Optimization, Application Preload 2.0, Smart Freeze Technology 2.0, and VPG 2.0 technologies.

For image beautification and restoration, OriginOS brings night portrait and old photo restoration features for easy image post-processing.

For the office, OriginOS provides information delivery and processing solutions for cross-device, cross-scene, and multi-file format office experiences.

In terms of smart home, Vivo said its smart home IOT now covers 9 categories of smart devices, including security, kitchen appliances, cleaning, lighting, sports, and health, and has access to more than 95% of the categories in the industry.

In terms of smart in-vehicle, Vivo’s intelligent in-vehicle product, Jovi InCar, was officially announced, equipped with three major capabilities of car key, car screen, and near-field control, and has now supported more than 60 car brands and more than 500 models.

In terms of government services, OriginOS is connected to the national government service platform. Users can check social security, provident fund, medical insurance, grades, immigration, and other services on Vivo phone.

Vivo provides users with a one-stop epidemic prevention service and earthquake early warning function on the minus-one screen, which provides 21 seconds of earthquake early warning information.

In terms of adaptation, Vivo said OriginOS will be launched on the next generation X60 Series flagship model. After that, the first batch of the upgrade plan includes more than a total of 30 models.

Here are Vivo’s Official posts Explaining OriginOS Features (Translated)

Vivo OriginOS Redefines User Experience

Shenzhen, China, November 18, 2020, Vivo held a special OriginOS event in Shenzhen to launch OriginOS, its new cell phone operating system. It matches users’ expectations of experience in terms of design, smoothness, and convenience, and hopes to solve the problems faced by users in their digital lives through new system interaction solutions.

At the event, Vivo’s Senior Vice President Shi Yujian shared the story of OriginOS before and after its birth: “The mission of FuntouchOS has always been to serve users well, and over the years it has gained the trust of the majority of users. In the era of 5G and the Internet of Everything, especially in the next 3-5 years, cell phones will remain the core and irreplaceable entrance to the digital world, and we have been thinking about what other pain points and needs can be solved. Today, OriginOS brings a new reading and interpretation of our users’ needs, and it is the product of the pursuit of the ultimate user experience.”

Designing for Origin: Returning the Initiative to the User

With cell phones taking over people’s lives, information overload and aesthetic homogeneity are becoming increasingly serious problems, requiring mobile OS to give the initiative back to users and help them find the right way to express themselves. Therefore, OriginOS takes the principle of “design by Origin, design for Origin” as a principle, reassembling familiar elements and surprising designs without exaggerating functionality or neglecting details to create a more extreme experience.

A new way to manage information: the simplicity and purity users want.

OriginOS changes the traditional desktop system by reinventing the way information is managed, starting from the information hierarchy, and creating a new desktop architecture called “Huarong Grid” that rearranges desktop elements to be more neat and efficient than ever before. OriginOS pioneered a new desktop architecture system, the “Huarong Grid,” which rearranges desktop elements to be more neat and efficient than ever before. Under the new desktop architecture, “atomic components” determine how notifications are presented and how system functions are interacted with, starting with the smallest desktop units. In the new architecture of OriginOS, the notification system has evolved to help users extract core information at different times, while the interaction logic for common functions such as music has been integrated, extracted, and condensed to focus on the core feature experience.

Huarong Grid

“We hope that people will get the content and answers they want every time they light up the screen. We also hope that people can return to their essential needs and focus on enjoying features like music.” Vivo UX Design Director Yannan Ge said.

New visuals and interactions: personality and order at the mercy of arrangements

The simplicity of OriginOS is not meant to suppress the user’s individuality and creativity. In today’s inclusive, pluralistic society, people want to express themselves and use their creativity and imagination. Therefore, in OriginOS, users can customize the way they see and interact.

Desktop layout

OriginOS introduces a “deformer” feature that provides different window styles and icon styles to meet the aesthetic needs of different user groups. Users can simply choose to have a personalized OriginOS innovative desktop and “one-click through” back to the traditional desktop. Differentiated scenes and visual styles can be adapted to different user groups and different occasions to express individuality.


The “interaction pool” offers new ideas and possibilities for system interaction. From action gestures to control center callout positions to system navigation methods, OriginOS can combine and recreate any interaction that users are familiar with and prefer, and each combination will not confuse. “SuperCard” further simplifies the interaction process from a lifestyle perspective by allowing users to slide out their card packs and use functions such as swipes, payment codes, ride codes, and more conveniently on the desktop, app, or lock screen. “No matter what operating system you’re used to, in OriginOS you’ll find an interactive experience you’re familiar with.”

Super Card Pack

Breaking Through the Screen: Recovering Temperature in the Real World

People tend to think that the screen in their hands is only cold with functions and information, but OriginOS brings the temperature and perception of life to the screen. The “Origin Window” serves as a bridge between the phone and the real world, allowing users to feel the weather and environmental changes in sync with the outside world without affecting the main screen. To give a vivid example, in 16 scenes from sunrise to sunset, users can perceive the brightness, light, and color temperature of the environment at different times of the day. What OriginOS is doing is transforming the unconscious actions of everyday life into something that users can perceive as beautiful.

Sky window, time window, behavior wallpaper

“We want to project the details of life and nature into the digital world, allowing users to recapture the warmth and emotion of real life.” In addition to visual perception, OriginOS also helps users perceive changes in time through “timeline design.” The clock interface is no longer an unchanging static screen; each minute and second can be presented with different textures and colors, thus restoring the inherent logic of time. Besides, atomic notifications are also displayed in chronological order, displaying only the relevant core information for the user.

The new animations and feedback in OriginOS are more natural and understand the user’s thoughts and needs. With the multi-pronged approach of vision, time, and smooth perception, the phone’s operating experience is more realistic and natural.

Timeline design

At the end of the event, Shi Yujian introduced the future: “Design, image, system, and performance are the directions Vivo will continue to work on. We will continue to listen to your feedback and suggestions, optimize the design, interaction, and functional experience of OriginOS, and bridge the gap between the human and digital worlds.”

Vivo Explains OriginOS: Smooth Sense of Sight and Eye Control

Vivo VDC2020

Under the theme of “Returning to Origin: Making the System More Smooth and Convenient, Collaboration More Healthy and Open,” Vivo explained the value OriginOS brings to users and partners from two dimensions: functional experience and open collaboration.

OS is Vivo’s bridge to the digital world, and in the face of the coming digital age, Vivo believes that a new OS is needed to welcome the new era. The new OriginOS is innovative and exploratory in three major directions: design, fluidity, and convenience. OriginOS will be installed on the next generation X-series flagship and will be upgraded in batches on the X50, NEX3S, iQOO 5, and other models by the end of January next year.

New smooth vision and eye-centric comfort

Vivo believes that in the new OS, there must be a new way to manage the increasing complexity of digital information and services, a new way to interact, a new way to connect to a variety of smart devices, and especially powerful and outstanding features to help users make their increasingly complex lives simpler.

With the new OriginOS, Vivo is not only focusing on the interaction and physical functions, but also on simplifying users’ lives through powerful functions and making the interaction experience meet users’ expectations through rigorous scientific experiments and systematic technological innovation. Vivo believes that smoothness is not purely parametrically fast, but rather natural and comfortable. The OriginOS experience. As a result, OriginOS took more than 360 days to optimize at the system architecture level, modifying more than 90,000 lines of code to create a new, measurable fluency system based on the human eye’s visual characteristics and optic nerve signal receptivity – Visual Fluency.

By prioritizing user interaction, OriginOS achieves a 32% increase in smoothness, not only solving Android’s “long reflection arc” problem but also prioritizing feedback on user control intent. With control feedback features such as arbitrary redirection, reversible kinetics, and landscape app non-rotation, as well as back-to-reality physical features such as linear rebound, parabolic kinetics, and sliding friction damping, OriginOS follows human habits and intuition, allowing the user to control freely. At the same time, to continue the smooth visual experience, OriginOS optimizes touch response in key scenes, significantly reducing touch jitter by 30.32% and touch delay by 46.27%, unifying the visual and tactile senses, and making touch as fluid as you see it.

Vivo’s new OriginOS, touch as you can see

The introduction of memory “black technology” takes the visual smoothness to the next level. The latest Multi-Turbo 5.0 technology introduces a revolutionary enhanced memory management technology that makes the OriginOS performance experience even smoother. The innovative memory fusion technology increases the number of background application caches from 12 to 19 on an 8GB memory phone, a 58.3% increase, and provides an 11GB equivalent operating memory experience on a model with 8GB of operating memory and 128GB of storage, and a 15GB equivalent operating memory experience on a model with 12GB of operating memory and 256GB of storage. Deep control and optimization of system resident processes can reduce system memory consumption by 100-200M, reduce system concurrency conflicts, increase concurrency capacity by 20%, make more space for mobile applications to run, and make use of them more smoothly; intelligent application preload technology can reduce cold start by 40%, making application opening speed significantly higher.

Vivo’s new OriginOS storage “black technology”, running smoother

It’s worth mentioning that Vivo’s efforts on fluency have been certified by the national authority “Tylab”, which is the first certificate after the launch of the “Tylab Certificate – Fluent Performance Experience” evaluation program. The evaluation program mainly focuses on the five dimensions of cell phone products: response time, stability, fluency, touch, and network, and scores various evaluation indicators. In the end, a corresponding rating is obtained based on the evaluation, and products with a five-star rating have excellent smooth performance experience.

Focus on audio and video and office, make life and work easier!

Making users’ work and life easier through powerful functions is the original purpose of OriginOS “convenience”. According to the introduction, OriginOS takes cell phones as the starting point to make life and work easier and to make users’ increasingly complex lives simpler, with a focus on cell phone functions such as video and office, as well as smart connectivity functions such as smart home, car networking, life, and government services.

Many people like to use video to record and share their lives. But Vivo discovered through consumer insights that users must edit to get a video that they are satisfied with. OriginOS wants to help users make the complex experience of shooting video more convenient. To address users’ high-frequency audio and video needs, OriginOS introduces features such as AI editing, same-cutting, video portrait beautification, and night scene portraits.

Vivo’s new OriginOS meets users’ high-frequency audio-visual needs

On the other hand, more and more consumers are choosing to work on their cell phones. Cell phones are no longer just about people’s entertainment and life; their efficiency and productivity aspects are also rapidly gaining popularity. However, complex office scenarios such as cross-device, cross-scene, and multiple file formats pose great challenges. How to provide a full range of workflow, communication, and file flow functions on a cell phone? How do you make complex office scenarios easier?

Vivo’s new OriginOS simplifies complex office scenarios

The OriginOS system-level light-editing platform covers 42 mainstream file formats, allowing for quick archiving and seamless pre-editing of multiple text and graphic formats. Users can enjoy all-channel, multi-format, seamless, free, and convenient document editing operations without the need to download an app.

For wireless printing, Vivo has partnered with 24 major printer brands and supports more than 4,000 models to provide users with a “download-free, easy setup, one-click printing” printing experience. In terms of file transfer, OriginOS has introduced a web file transfer feature, which is supported by all platforms and can be used on all Windows and Mac computers. There is no software to install, just a simple swipe of a code for the fast transfer of office files.

In terms of smart connectivity, Vivo has created an industry-leading IoT ecosystem platform covering more than 40 brands, 60 categories, and over 1,800 models. In OriginOS, the IoT service portal has been further optimized to make smart home services more intuitive and accessible. At the same time, Vivo has also launched the Jovi InCar connected car brand, which joins hands with OEMs, connected car service providers, and application developers to build a unified open ecology inside and outside the car, and provide users with an extraordinary connectivity experience through the sharing of car and cell phone capabilities. In OriginOS, Vivo introduced three core capabilities of Bluetooth car key, car screen, and car control, covering different scenarios such as before, during, and after driving and parking, realizing a full-scene connected car experience with “Jovi in and out of the car”.

The day before the developer conference, the National Government Service Platform Express App, developed by Vivo, was officially launched on Vivo’s cell phone. Vivo provided complete product and technical solutions as well as the highest level of security solutions for the service platform. The National Government Services Platform Express Application enables consumers and enterprises to access and use 48 government services in 12 categories, including social security, provident fund, medical insurance, immigration, etc., in a convenient, accurate, and fast way, providing consumers with more efficient, convenient and intelligent “fingertip office” services.

Vivo takes the lead in developing the fast application of the national government service platform

Insist on open cooperation to build the foundation of user experience

Open cooperation is the foundation of functional innovation and smart connectivity, and an important component of the entire mobile industry. vivo stated that security is the cornerstone of all functions and services. Vivo takes user privacy and data security as the starting point to build a full-link, full-lifecycle security solution. Vivo’s security products and solutions have been certified by multiple domestic and international authoritative organizations to protect the privacy of users. Security of partner services and security of user data and privacy.

Vivo’s security products and solutions

On the other hand, Vivo opens up its system capabilities, universal capabilities, and reliable tools to its partners to innovate and benefit together. At the conference, Vivo highlighted Vivo’s core open capabilities, including system reinforcement, intelligent customer service, content review platform, Multi-Turbo, VCAP, Jovi service platform, fast application platform, and cloud testing platform.

On the one hand, fully and continuously opening up Vivo’s core competencies will accelerate the landing of developer technologies and products, support developers to access and distribute rich platform services, gain more traffic, and improve customer acquisition and conversion; on the other hand, it will provide safe and reliable services for partners, and more widely connect developers, partners, and users to achieve accurate matching of products, services, and needs.

It’s worth mentioning that Vivo has also launched a barrier-free project on the road to social welfare. In an open and healthy ecosystem, Vivo will work with developers and partners to promote the development of the mobile industry, improve and expand the existing product and service matrices, and push the OriginOS user experience to the next level!

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